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Did It Just Get REALLY Cool Around Here? October 25, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Steampunk.

And I ain’t talking about the weather

New stuff just came in and The Outfit nears completion:

The credit cards are now smoking...

The hat I ordered shortly after the other two on Etsy. I just had to have a green leather top hat. You can see I really had no choice in the matter right?  The goggles I ordered a while ago (and yes, they’re these).  Again, there was really no choice in the matter after the general dissatisfaction with the other pair.  The hat I got pretty quickly but there were some issues with the goggles and they were just delivered today.  The cuff links arrived promptly and they’re gorgeous.  Shirts with French cuffs are hard to find in the stores around here, so I ordered one from the interwebberytubes and it should be here tomorrow or Wednesday.  There are a couple more items that I picked up but haven’t shown you yet.

So.  What have you been up to?



1. Lemur King - October 26, 2010

I dunno, I think I like your black hat better (tastes differ) but I do love the goggles.

Is there a steampunk expo or somethingorother headed your way anytime soon?

2. Mitchell - October 26, 2010

The black hats are definitely better quality, but I just couldn’t resist the green hat. It has it’s own statement.

Is there a steampunk expo or somethingorother headed your way anytime soon?

No, nothing that I know of. There is of course Steamcon II which is actually featuring the American West version of Steampunk that I’m going with here, but ironically I can’t afford going to after buying all this stuff.

There is of course Halloween and an office costume contest that I’ll participate in. Beyond that I’ll wear this in the upcoming First Friday art thing in downtown Las Vegas.

3. Cruel Wife - October 26, 2010

Wow, I haven’t seen anything like that hat, Mitch. Way cool! If you don’t want your old black goggles, I might be convinced to take them off your hands… jk! Leave them on the black hat, and the new ones on the green. Then you can pick whichever hat suits your mood without having to change everything up. 🙂

4. LC Aggie Sith - October 26, 2010

CW is wise indeed. I like the green hat. Makes a statement 🙂

5. Lipstick - October 28, 2010

Aieee, me Lucky Charms… 🙂

Speaking of cool:

Lipstick: Why are you putting the electric blanket on the bed?

Mr. Lipstick: Because it’s cold at night!

Lipstick: I’m perfectly comfortable, you’re like a furnace. When I get cold I just curl up next to you.

Mr. Lipstick: Yes, I’m a fat bastard and therefore warm, but you are like a remora and you steal the warmth from my body.

Lipstick: Whatever. Big baby.


6. Mitchell - October 28, 2010

LOL Lipstick! And yeah, the green hat will come in handy on St. Patrick’s Day. I never celebrate, but then I never had anything green to wear. I’ll think I’ll hit the Irish pub up the street next time with this on.

Electric blanket?? That’s more than a bit much. I have my windows open all night and I LOVE it.

7. Mitchell - October 28, 2010

Ok, my shirt is in and if fits! I LOVE the French cuffs. I’m going to have to get more of these. Wasn’t a fan of ironing it though. I’ll probably just start sending these to the cleaners. It’s a REALLY nice shirt from Paul Frederick. It’s 100% cotton and I had this idea to get one and tie-dye it. Wouldn’t that be cool?

8. Lipstick - October 28, 2010

Electric blanket?? That’s more than a bit much. I have my windows open all night and I LOVE it.

Oh you’re lucky — it’s so nice to sleep with the windows open. We did that our first night in this house, sleeping on an air mattress with the window wide open over our heads. Woke up in the morning completely congested, hacking and snorting, diving for the Kleenex.

9. Lipstick - October 28, 2010

French cuffs, in my opinion, are totally, amazingly hawt!

10. Mitchell - October 28, 2010

I’m blessedly allergy-free. Years ago I worked with a gal who was really sensitive to pollen and whatnot for a while and she was miserable a lot of the time. It seemed like there was ALWAYS something coming into season for her.

French cuffs are really cool. Men’s formal to semi-formal fashions generally don’t offer many options for ornamentation. You get the tie and the pocket kerchief (but only if you’re wearing the coat) and that’s mostly it. I can get used to rocking cool cuff-links.

One of the things I MOST like about fall is I get to start wearing actual “grown-up” clothes. I can’t wear this stuff half the year in this town so it’s the same four khaki pants and polo shirts every week for months.

11. Nicole - October 28, 2010

French cuffs are very nice. Love the hat! Very looking forward to seeing the whole ensemble. 🙂

12. Mitchell - October 29, 2010

And wouldn’t you know, the place I got my shirt from operates a special promo site where they sell the exact same shirt I just bought at less than half the price. It’s white shirts only, and just four of them. It’s a really good deal though; these are nice quality shirts.

13. LC Aggie Sith - October 29, 2010

Question: are you going to buy more shirts???

And boneheadedness over at H&B 🙂

14. Mitchell - October 29, 2010

are you going to buy more shirts???

Pfft. Are bears Catholic? Of course I’m going to buy more shirts. Do you not know me at all?

15. LC Aggie Sith - October 30, 2010

Yeah, it was rhetorical 😉

16. J2 - November 1, 2010

the hat and goggles are the shit….

nice pumpkins too…

17. Mitchell - November 1, 2010

Thankee J2! And welcome!

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