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New Phone October 20, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Science & Technology.

So I found out I was eligible for a new phone since I’ve had my current one for two years.  “Smart Phones” are all the rage now of course and I can get a top-end one for a couple hundred bucks.  I have Verizon so iPhone is right out, but it looks like these “Droids” are generally just as good.  Right now I’m considering the Droid X or Droid 2 by Motorola, the Droid Incredible by HTC and the Fascinate by Samsung.  Any of y’all have any experience with any of these?  Insights?  Cautions?  If so, drop a note in the comments.  Thanks!

Droid X surges into the lead!!

It features an HDMI output (SW33T!), full support for hotmail and better battery life than the Incredible. I’m sure I would have been happy with any of these but overall the features of the X I think match me the best. It has me really pumped for my first smartyphone. To think, it wasn’t but a couple years ago I made fun of cell phone people!


I HAVE IT!!  Truly this is the Phone Of The Gods.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go have sex with this thing now.  I’m pretty sure there’s an app I can download for that.



1. Michael - October 20, 2010

You can’t beat an iPhone simply because it works on the GSM standard, which works worldwide, and there are umpty zillion apps already written for it. Switch networks. You can get a subsidized iPhone for a two year contract also.

2. Michael - October 20, 2010

From my iPhone I can, for example, get walking or driving directions to nearby stores, use my phone as a level, find doctors while traveling who are part of my insurance company’s network, do Google searches by voice commands, pay bills, and quickly access my dashboard on WordPress.

3. Mitchell - October 20, 2010

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I like Verizon, plus I get an employee discount since the organization I work for has a big contract with them. And my family is on Verizon too.

4. Mitchell - October 21, 2010

Ok, I found some really good reviews on Engadget. The Samsung is out and the Droid 2 is at the bottom of the list that remain. Droid X and Incredible are matched head to head. I dropped by the store last night but they had the nerve to not be open past normal business hours! WTH??

5. LC Aggie Sith - October 21, 2010

New phone, eh? Well, I have heard very nice things about the Droid X. The other Droid’s keypad is problematic to some. I have no personal experience, though.

Hope you like whatever you get 🙂

6. Mitchell - October 22, 2010

Had the wrong stupid picture up there. The X does not have the separate keyboard!

7. LC Aggie Sith - October 22, 2010

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go have sex with this thing now.

Make sure your phone wears one of these, for protection:


Always practice safe sex 😉

8. Mitchell - October 22, 2010

Yup! They sold me a case too. It’s similar to that one. I got a media station thingy too so I charge it up at night AND set it to be my alarm clock / radio. Amazing technology and I’ve only just started scratching the surface.

9. C Monster - October 23, 2010

You can jailbreak the old iPhones now, even the g3. not the brandy new g4s though.
That way you don’t have to deal with AT&T.

Mitchell - October 24, 2010

Ok, but I’ve already gone with the Droid X C Monster. I’m extremely impressed with it too.

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