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Butterfly…My Butterfly! October 10, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Home, Knives.

Look at what Lemur King made me buy

This here is the Morpho Bali-Song 51 by Benchmade knives.

Lemur King casually drops a reference to a butterfly knife in his latest story which in turn made me realize that I had a serious hole in my knife collection.  Naturally I had to correct this situation immediately so I dropped by the local knife shop and picked up this little number.  Now I’m trying to learn all those cool flips and twirls without slicing my hands into ribbons.  Actually I taped up the sharp side of the blade so it’s not really all that dangerous to practice with.


More knifery.  Since Lemur King asked, yes I do have a tanto.  The blade is just under 11 inches and the whole thing is about 19 inches long.  I bought it when I was about 29 and I thought it looked cool in the catalog.


1. Lemur King - October 10, 2010

That’s a right pretty knife there, Mitchell. Not too extravagant, no serrations (I only like serrations in my bread and tomato knives), and the handles look to be smooth enough that you can roll them around in your hand.

I was heartbroken to lose my knife – I haven’t found any that were solid straight unperforated handles since.

So I went without one for years. Until Cruel Wife bought me one for our anniversary. Nothing says I love and embrace your oddness quite like a butterfly knife.

Now tell me that you have a kukri and an 8″ tanto… You need those, too. The kukri I have was … uhm… liberated from someone in WWII by a great uncle, it’s the real deal.

I have a real solid katana (not a stage prop) but I feel a burning desire to get a claymore at some point.

2. Mitchell - October 10, 2010

The handles are smooth but not slick and slide around fairly easily. They’re made out of a material called G10, which I looked up and it’s one of those modern composite materials of woven fiberglass and resin.

Why yes, I do have a kukri. But it’s a cheapish replica my Mom picked out of a catalog for Christmas one year. I have a tanto too – another catalog pick I bought myself years ago. I posted a pic.

3. Lemur King - October 10, 2010

G10 and FR4 are commonly used in printed circuit boards. Lightweight, tough, cheap to produce things with it, and it’s well known how it will age.

Love the tanto. Any blade that looks like you can puncture a car door with… it’s all right in my book.

My katana weighs in around 3.5lbs. Just swinging it around a little teensy bit gave me a lot of respect for anyone that had to fight with them. Your arm would feel like falling off after a while.

I’m sorry I made you Yorl again, Mitchell.

4. LC Aggie Sith - October 11, 2010

All this talk of knives makes Aggie feel titillated….


5. Mitchell - October 11, 2010

^Ok folks! There’s gonna be a LOT more knife talking around here from now on.

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