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Hat Watch October 1, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Home.


Yay!!  I got a notification from UPS that hats will soon be on their way!  So now we know.  It takes them ten days to get product out the door.  I still never got any responses from them to my e-mails.

Mmmmmmm.  So it’s been nearly a week since I ordered my hats, and I haven’t received anything from the company except the initial order acknowledgment.  The company is in California, and the items were “In Stock”.  I ordered other items from another company the same day in California and they arrived yesterday.   I sent the hat company an e-mail yesterday inquiring about the status of my order, but as of 10 pm today I haven’t heard back yet.

*Taps foot impatiently*



1. Steamboat McGoo - October 1, 2010

I know the feeling, Mitchell.

I call it The Package Itch.

I’m going through it myself right now.

But you’re a Gold Cup owner *McGoo continues to burn with envy*, so Stiff Upper Lip, ol’ boy!

Take the pain!

2. Mitchell - October 1, 2010

I know McGoo. I found their blog and left a comment asking about it. I just want to know the status of it. The charges actually just hit the card a couple days ago. That usually means that whatever I bought has shipped. If so, then it might even show up today. Speaking of mail, I got a notification of a certified letter waiting for me at the post office. Bleh. That’s almost never good news.

3. Mitchell - October 1, 2010

Bah. The certified letter was a fundraiser beg from Alan Keyes. Seriously dude? You spent $3.24 to get me to drive down to the post office for that?

4. Steamboat McGoo - October 1, 2010

People who abuse the system like that should have to eat their letters.

I got a book today! The trickle begins, as the various Amazon and WETA orders meander their way through package-space!

5. Mitchell - October 1, 2010

Well it wasn’t a total waste of time. It got me off my butt and near a wallymart where I cleared out their entire stock (3 boxes) of .45 ammo. So there’s that. I meant to get a gun cleaning kit too, but I forgot. I have stuff for the .357 of course, but the brush looks too small for the pistol.

6. LC Aggie Sith - October 1, 2010

I know what you mean…I await anxiously my LK stuff from Zazzle. The moment that roach t-shirt shows up Hubby and I are going to a fine eating establishment on the Riverwalk 😀

7. Mitchell - October 1, 2010

What’s bugging me about these hats is the lack of communication from them. With almost every place I buy stuff online I generally know how long it takes. From placing the order to actually stuffing it in a box and scooting it out the door is 3 to 5 days. And I get an e-mail saying it’s on its way. Then from SoCal to Vegas it takes UPS two days, and then 1 day from the Vegas distribution point to my house. It’s all very routine, but I’m getting nothing from these people.

Maybe I misunderstood, and they don’t actually have these things in stock, but make them as they’re ordered. That’s fine as long as they’re up front about it, but I’ve combed that site several times now and there’s nothing about lengthy wait times. Now, I did see something on their blog about a three week delivery, but that was to a potential customer in Denmark. I even posted a comment on said blog asking about how long the process takes. It was held in moderation pending approval, and someone approved it, but didn’t respond to the question. This is starting to peeve me a bit. If I don’t get a response by Monday I’m going to call them.

8. Steamboat McGoo - October 2, 2010

Mitchell, relax! When I ordered my ray gun they didn’t comm. with me for 4-5 days, I think. I found it odd, given the usual almost-too-much-info they provide.

RE: .45 – all you need is the brush tip for the .45 caliber, and perhaps some “large” wiping swabs – not a whole kit.

I have three kits – handgun, long gun, and shotgun – with a shitpile of brushes and swabholders and rod exrtensions (for the long guns) and other neat stuff collected over years. That’s what you should head for.

Some folks say weapons should be cleaned “warm” – right after firing. I think its a crock.

9. Mitchell - October 2, 2010

I went ahead and bought a “complete” kit at wallymart. It has all the brushes for a pretty wide range of rifles, shotguns, and hand guns. The old one I have has stuff the new one doesn’t so together they should serve my needs for a good long time. I also finally got around to getting my own hearing protection. They’re the electronically enhanced sort that lets you hear normal level stuff but filters out all the loud booms.

10. LeeAnn - October 3, 2010

We will, of course, expect pictures of you modeling the hattery.

11. LeeAnn - October 3, 2010

Is expect right? It doesn’t look right. Hmm. Well, the dictionary says it’s right. Still, doesn’t look right.
Okay, now “right” looks incorrect. Bugger.

12. Mitchell - October 3, 2010

Yes, of course there will be pictures! I’ll even update the avatar with one of them.

Some words just look wrong LeeAnn. “Their” has always bothered me. It’s the whole “I before E except after C” thing.

13. Steamboat McGoo - October 3, 2010

LeeAnn – you’ve put your finger on something that’s bugged me – literally – since I learned to read and write. As Mitchell said, some words just look wrong.

And then there’s the ones that are in disguise – like Lingerie. How the !@#$%^& does something that is spelled “linger-eee” come out sounding like “lounge-er-ray”.

It’s enough to put a person off their food.

14. Mitchell - October 3, 2010

Blame the French McGoo. When the Normans came over and conquered the crap out of England they corrupted our language with their filthy French mispronunciations. It will be a cold day in hell before I’ll ever forgive them for that abominable desecration. PTUI!

15. Steamboat McGoo - October 3, 2010

Somehow, I knew it could be laid to the feet of the Fwench.

Another one is Blancmange. And not only is is pronounced completely whacko – no one even has the nerve to put one of those “tihis is how it sounds” things up on the web.

And is this any help?

* (UK) IPA: /bləˈmɒn(d)ʒ/
* (US) IPA: /bləˈmɑn(d)ʒ/

What the gronk does /bləˈmɒn(d)ʒ/ mean? For all I know that’s the sound of one leg farting.

16. Mitchell - October 3, 2010

Blah’mandge or blah’mondge I think is the way that pronunciation system works it out I think. I’ve never had it. When we visited England about 20 years ago we visited fabulous, historic Belvoir Castle. Of course, it’s pronounced Beaver Castle. *Shakes head*

17. LeeAnn - October 6, 2010

Bad French! Bad, bad French! No croissant! *insert scoldy finger shaking*

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