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Blahgroll Update September 28, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Home, Science Fiction & Fantasy.

So I’m going through the blogroll on the side there and updating stuff: adding links to sites I enjoy and deleting links to sites that no longer update (or at least haven’t done so in a year).  If I’m missing anybody that drops by here and you want to be included, just holler.  Or, if you don’t like me anymore and want to be taken off let me know too.  And also, if there’s someplace you like to visit and think I would too go ahead and drop a link in the comments.

Now, I want to highlight one of my most recent new interests:  Girl Genius Online Comic.  If you look over to the left you’ll see a snazzy new graphic that I used my l33t hakk0r w3bskilz on to make it clickyable and it will take you to the beginning of it.  It’s set in a fantasy Steampunkian version of Europe and it has absolute top notch artwork, fun & interesting characters, and a wonderfully intricate plot.  I guess their preferred term is “Gaslamp Fantasy” but whatever.  Beware though, it’s EXTREMELY addictive and since they’ve been running three strips per week for nigh on eight years there’s a HUGE amount of content.  Recently I spent a big chunk of a five-day weekend just hitting the NEXT> button like a crack-addicted monkey in a Skinner Box.  I simply could not stop reading them.  I’ve only just recently caught up to the present so now I have to impatiently wait for each MWF to roll around to get my next hit.  If you get hooked on this thing and you find entire days of your life blown away sitting in front of the computer you can blame Lemur King’s better half, Cruel Wife.  She’s the one who got LK infected and he spread it to me.  Now I’m just passing it on.  Enjoy!



1. Lemur King - September 29, 2010

Geez, Mitchell – you make it sound like Ebola or something.

It is much much worse.

Girl Genius doesn’t kill you, it keeps you alive, it is like small hits of crystal meth. Oh sure, one little strip won’t hurt, right? Two won’t do it. But numbers seven, eight, nine, and so on…? Ohyoupoorbastards.

2. Cruel Wife - September 29, 2010

Yes, it is highly addictive. As I like to tell people – “The first one is free.” (Eyebrow waggle) “The second one is free. The third one is free. The fourth…” etc, etc. I seem to be adept at passing along extremely infectious authors. Here is another one. 😉

Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton: http://requiem.seraph-inn.com/

3. Cruel Wife - September 29, 2010

Hey! It deleted my evil laugh! It must not have like my brackets.


4. Lemur King - September 29, 2010


See, 30 years ago (ok, it was fifteen years) I did not run fast enough and the jaws and claws of that evil woman clamped shut and dug cruelly into my flesh. I was trapped.

And if you aren’t careful, you too will be ensnared. She does not have the name “Cruel Wife” for no reason, man!

Whatever you do: Don’t. Click. On. That. Link.

5. Mitchell - September 29, 2010

Howdy Cruel Wife! Thanks for visiting! Yah, bracketedy things vanish into the aether.

Uh oh. I clicked. I’m interested. What the hey, it’s only 700 pages.


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