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Monday Musical Interlude September 27, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Music.

Via the always interesting Ghost of a Flea  I became aware of some VERY interesting music.  I’m not sure how to classify it other than really cool  – and Bulgarian.  This song is called “Water” and the video features a hot, Belgian Bulgarian, drummer-chick.  Enjoy!

I even looked them up and bought the whole album.  It’s very percussivey.

Link for McGoo ->You can buy the album here.

Here’s another one of their songs from another album:  Drumboy.  Yeah, the video is called Air but the song is Drumboy.  Took me a while to figure that out.



1. Mitchell - September 28, 2010

So nobody liked this song eh? Fine. Be that way.

2. Steamboat McGoo - September 28, 2010

Wait! I just got here!

That was seriously kick-ass, Mitchell! I punched play and was instantly hooked. While it was playing I was thinking,

a) how do I get this onto my Ipod Shuffle thingy by tomorrow. it’s lawn mowing day and that is EXCELLENT flap-my-arms-and-mow music!

b)Rats. I just did my bi-weekly Amazon order yesterday, and its too late to make changes (I just got the “order(s) on the way” email 2-3 hours ago)! Guess the album will have to go on the next one.

Got any links to the artist/album?

3. Mitchell - September 28, 2010

Yup, coming right up McGoo! Actually they don’t seem to be on Amazon. Or at least my search-fu didn’t turn them up. I downloaded their two albums from their website. Actually the first one Drumboy wasn’t as good as hoped it would be, but the second one Water is fantastic.

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