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In A Funk September 13, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Meh, Music.

Sorry for not updating in so long.  For the last few weeks I’ve been in real crappy mood and I tend not to post or comment much when I get like this.  So expect the lameness to continue until morale improves.  In lieu of real content here’s a song that Sheri Gilmour linked up yesterday.  It has a real down tempo sound that really fits what I’m feeling these days.


1. Lemur King - September 14, 2010

Sorry to hear that, man.

Fall does that to me every year. Shorter days and greyer skies.

Don’t stress it. We’s cool. Bunch of little Fonzies.

2. Mitchell - September 14, 2010

Fall is actually my favorite season. It’s not here yet though and this summer is just dragging on me.

I see youtube has taken a complete dump on my song. Figures. I don’t know what they’re doing over there but I hope they get it fixed soon.

Oh, did you see my email about your package LK? It’s supposed to be there around Friday.

3. LC Aggie Sith - September 14, 2010

Awwwww, sorry to hear you are feeling low, buddy. Just remember you are missed 🙂

4. Lipstick - September 14, 2010

Hi Mitchell!


5. Mitchell - September 14, 2010

Howdy Lipstick!

Thank you Aggie. I’ll try to be better about commenting more often.

6. Nicole - September 15, 2010

Sorry to hear. I get in funks too. Be well, dude.

7. Woody - September 15, 2010

Great tune. Their second album fell flat though… bummer.

8. Mitchell - September 17, 2010

Mmm. Sorry to hear that Woody. I bought that first album from iTunes and I’m really digging it.

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