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Urrrk September 3, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Diabetes, Health.

I was supposed to commit some art today, but I’m feeling bad. When I went on vacation I took a break from watching my diet and whatnot so carefully, because – you know – VACATION.  Alas, I’ve not re-established discipline afterwords like I was supposed to and so I have been eating and drinking things I’m not supposed to (or at least not nearly so much) and now I’m being forcefully reminded as to why I should be more careful about such things.  I can’t hardly even concentrate so no art today.  Lame post I know.  Sorry.  Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow after a day of getting back on track and a good night’s sleep.

Here watch this.  It has a pretty girl who gets chased by low budget storm troopers who can be incapacitated by trance music.  Enjoy!


1. Lemur King - September 3, 2010

Gosh do take care of yourself Mitchell – sugar changes everything, I hear. Not as much as rabies, but they say it’ll do a number on you.

With my hearing I can’t even tell if it is english she’s singing or not, but it sounds purty enough. It’s trance-like enough to… … … hey, that sounds purty, sort of like… … … uhhhhhh.

2. Mitchell - September 3, 2010

That’s the weird thing LK, the sugar levels haven’t really been that bad. A little higher than usual but not actually outside the normal range. Ah, it’s my blood pressure. 156/90 Dammit!

Yah, she’s singing in english. It’s trance, so nobody ever listens to the words anyway.

3. Steamboat McGoo - September 3, 2010

Mitchell, you’ve made such HUGE gains (losses, that is) these last months! Don’t let it get away from you!

you can recover!

4. Mitchell - September 4, 2010

Oh, I know McGoo. I’ve fallen back into those ruts that I worked so hard to climb out of. I’ve been doing all the same stupid shit I used to do that got me in such bad shape in the first place. Why do I sabotage myself like this?

But, it is not too late. As you say, I can recover. I was actually pretty good today. Not perfect, but considerably better than I have been the last few weeks. I’m about to go to bed early so I can get up early and start exercising again. The mornings are starting to get cool and it will be nice to be able to get out there before it heats up.

Good night all!

5. Mitchell - September 4, 2010

Shit. I was afraid of this – I can’t sleep. I hate it when this happens. I’m tired, but my brain refuses to shut down. It’s just an endless cascade of images of watercolor paintings and sculptures. But I can’t concentrate enough to capture any of them.

I’m gonna try some chamomile tea. This may be a looong night.

6. Mitchell - September 4, 2010

It was a long night. I didn’t hardly sleep at all. I kept trying and stayed in bed a couple hours longer than I originally planned. But I did get up and check the blood pressure – 139/93. Better overall. It was still cool enough to get my bike out, inflate the tires and go for a vigorous 30 minute ride. Now it’s 132/88 which is in the “high normal range”. My legs are sore but overall I feel better.

Time to rustle up a healthy breakfast! Type at y’all later.

7. Steamboat McGoo - September 4, 2010

There you go! Use insomnia as a reason to go exercise!

Mitchell, I will confess that I could solve some of my own insomnia if I’d just get off my butt and burn some calories. Like today. I built a little tank-sprayer mount for my weed-killing forays. I know the result is that I’ll sleep way better tonight.

BTW: Don’t know about ‘Vegas, but Missouri was PERFECT today. It was downright chilly this morning!

8. Mitchell - September 4, 2010

Exercise – it’s probably the closest thing to a cure-all there is McGoo. Too bad it isn’t as easy or fun as sitting around and snarking at people on the interwebs.

Lows are in the mid-70’s in the mornings but we’re heating up to over 100 still. Supposedly this will be the last weekend for that crap and low/high next Thursday is 67/89. Hopefully that will break the back of summer for this year, although a late flare up isn’t unheard of.

9. Nicole - September 5, 2010

Hope you are feeling better by now!

10. C Monster - September 5, 2010

Yeah, a cool front went through here too Friday. Now its “brisk.”
The best part–some Cap n Trade, AGW, Green jobs, control freaks are relasing a report Wednesday here in the Burgh about AGW causing “severe weather” like the Snowmageddon storm in Feb.

11. Mitchell - September 5, 2010

Oh, yeah Nicole. I’m feeling MUCH better today. BP this morning was 124/76, which is darn near perfect. Thinking back on the stuff I’ve been eating and drinking lately I realize now that I was hitting the salty stuff pretty hard. I guess I don’t have the tolerance for sodium that I used to and it affects me very quickly now.

They never miss a chance do they C. Monster? Good grief.

12. LC Aggie Sith - September 6, 2010

Get. Better.

That’s an order, young man!

13. Mitchell - September 7, 2010

Oh I feel better. Alas, I’m enmeshed in Lemur King’s damnably compelling comic. I can’t stop reading the thing!

14. Lemur King - September 7, 2010

But it isn’t “mine” as in MINE. I just shared that Creative Heroin with you, you chose to use it, and now you’re hooked.

As Cruel Wife says… “The first one is free. The second one is free… the third one is free… Until you buy a copy or a poster and then it’s not so free.”

But I’m told if you buy the new issue when it comes out – you have option of buying a book plate sketch and he’ll do a sketch of a character of your choosing – sayeth Cruel Wife.

15. Lipstick - September 11, 2010

Mitchell, hope you’re feeling even more better.

It was 64 when I got up this morning. Opened the front door to put the Netflix out and saw some of the old folks in our neighborhood out there walking and thought, gee, I should be doing that too.

Then I shut the door and hit the computer. Which is crazy, because the whole day is better when you get moving. Well, we’ve been using the heck out of the HOA pool and the last three times there has been nobody else there, yippee!

But I am such a lazy-butt.

16. Steamboat McGoo - September 13, 2010


Lesser minions would be concerned at your continued reluctance to communicate by now.

But we who wait patiently … um … wait patiently?

Yeah. I think that follows…

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