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New Toy September 29, 2010

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Guess what I got last weekend y’all!  The new iPod Nano!  I got the 16 gig version in blue.  I love the touch screen, it’s so cool!  Yes, I still have the old 160 gig iPod video.  And no, I didn’t really need this one.  What’s your point?  It’s shiny and new and tiny!

Alas, it’s not all iBeer and iSkittles though.  With this new addition I was forced to “upgrade” to the new version of iTunes.  This always comes at a price of somthing not iWorking right.  It tends to lose songs.  This time it iManaged to lose iTrack of over 3000 of them.  It iLooks like all the download content is ok, but all the stuff iRipped from CDs has an iError indicator and won’t transfer to the Nano.  So, I have to go in and re-establish the link to each individual song (no iCan’t do by album) and then iHave to convert each song to mpeg4 before it will iSynch with the Nano.  Grrrrrr.  iWhatapainintheass.

Blahgroll Update September 28, 2010

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So I’m going through the blogroll on the side there and updating stuff: adding links to sites I enjoy and deleting links to sites that no longer update (or at least haven’t done so in a year).  If I’m missing anybody that drops by here and you want to be included, just holler.  Or, if you don’t like me anymore and want to be taken off let me know too.  And also, if there’s someplace you like to visit and think I would too go ahead and drop a link in the comments.

Now, I want to highlight one of my most recent new interests:  Girl Genius Online Comic.  If you look over to the left you’ll see a snazzy new graphic that I used my l33t hakk0r w3bskilz on to make it clickyable and it will take you to the beginning of it.  It’s set in a fantasy Steampunkian version of Europe and it has absolute top notch artwork, fun & interesting characters, and a wonderfully intricate plot.  I guess their preferred term is “Gaslamp Fantasy” but whatever.  Beware though, it’s EXTREMELY addictive and since they’ve been running three strips per week for nigh on eight years there’s a HUGE amount of content.  Recently I spent a big chunk of a five-day weekend just hitting the NEXT> button like a crack-addicted monkey in a Skinner Box.  I simply could not stop reading them.  I’ve only just recently caught up to the present so now I have to impatiently wait for each MWF to roll around to get my next hit.  If you get hooked on this thing and you find entire days of your life blown away sitting in front of the computer you can blame Lemur King’s better half, Cruel Wife.  She’s the one who got LK infected and he spread it to me.  Now I’m just passing it on.  Enjoy!

Monday Musical Interlude September 27, 2010

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Via the always interesting Ghost of a Flea  I became aware of some VERY interesting music.  I’m not sure how to classify it other than really cool  – and Bulgarian.  This song is called “Water” and the video features a hot, Belgian Bulgarian, drummer-chick.  Enjoy!

I even looked them up and bought the whole album.  It’s very percussivey.

Link for McGoo ->You can buy the album here.

Here’s another one of their songs from another album:  Drumboy.  Yeah, the video is called Air but the song is Drumboy.  Took me a while to figure that out.

Meet The Twins September 26, 2010

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Serious Yorling Business

I meant to post about this ages ago, but for some reason I never got around to it until now.  Just before I went on vacation in August I bought these:

These are nigh top of the line Kenmore Elite clothes washer & dryer.  Yes, they are VERY expensive.  My old dryer decided that it didn’t want to dry anymore and I had issues with my washer; lately it had started putting random rust-like stains on my clothes.  Pfeh.  I didn’t even bother to get them looked at, I wanted New Stuff.  So after a couple days of going to all the usual places and pricing things out I just decided to go with Sears and a pair of top-end things.

My previous washer was one of those high-efficiency front loader deals. Both of these machines qualify as high-efficiency too. The washer detects how much water is needed for the load and automatically selects the best level.  It doesn’t have a big central agitator, so it’s more gentle on clothes and had a HUGE capacity. The dryer knows when its load is dry and automatically shuts off, but will still tumble the clothes periodically to keep them from wrinkling. On top of that it has steam functions for wrinkle removing, refreshing, and sanitizing. Neat!

Lidsville September 24, 2010

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So recently blogfriend Steamboat McGoo at Aardvarks & Asshats put up a post about some Steampunk chicks he’d found.  The first pic caught my eye and the first thing I said was “Nice hat!”  Then I began to wonder where I might acquire such a thing for myself.  To the internets!!   Lo and behold, there are many such things available. Particularly at Head ‘n Home where I found these two beauties:

Aren’t they gorgeous?  Then of course there’s the Stove Piper which is like the first one, only taller.  I was seriously considering the Stove Piper but it occurred to me that it’s probably a bit on the heavy side and that either one of these two would be more comfortable.

And of course it isn’t enough, I had to keep on looking and found Luna Rana’s hats on Etsy.  Aren’t those fun?  Oh decisions, decisions.

Bye Bye Netflix September 23, 2010

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So, the CEO of Netflix Mr. Reed Hastings was interviewed recently by The Hollywood Reporter on his company’s plans to expand into Canada.  It seems they will be offering a cheaper plan there for streaming-only service than what is offered here in the U.S.  When asked if he was concerned that U.S. customers might make a stir about this he had this to say:  “How much has it been your experience that Americans follow what happens in the world? It’s something we’ll monitor, but Americans are somewhat self-absorbed.”

Yes, well thank you for your insight Mr. Hastings.  Perhaps watching too much T.V. has made us “somewhat self-absorbed”.  I plan to rectify this problem by watching less T.V. and not using your service anymore.


Here Are My Peeves September 17, 2010

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Yes, You May Pet Them

L.C. Aggie Sith put up a post about her pet peeves today. I’ve had this one sitting around for a while waiting for me to finish it, so I guess today is a good day to do it.

Ok, here are some things that annoy me, or that I’ve become tired of because of pop-cultural overuse to the point where they’ve become tedious clichés and/or that I Just Don’t Get.  I’ve narrowed it down to the typical Lettermanitarian Top Ten:

1.   Blade Runner is a really good movie.
No, it’s not. It’s long (and getting longer), slow (oh so slow), uninteresting box-office bomb of a film filled with uninspired actors and insipid performances. But, it has a dedicated core of fans who insist quite insistently that this is one of the greatest masterpieces of cinema. Somewhere there’s an alternate universe where Ridley Scott didn’t make the fatal mistake of feeding mega-doses of Valium to his cast before filming and perhaps that version of Bladerunner does not suck. Alas, this is not that universe and there is no editing room wizardry that Scott can pull off to make an unsuckable version in this space/time continuum. There are no less than SEVEN versions of this movie that have been released over the years since it came out in ’82. Dude. Let. It. Go.  Oh, and don’t get me started on the title. Blade? Runner?  He’s a cop, who kills (sorry, retires) artificial people.  I guess that doesn’t sound so cool though. In unrelated news I’m no longer a data analyst.  I’m a Scimitar Snorkeler.

2.   The Big Lebowski is a really good movie.
It’s about a lazy pothead and his beloved rug. Oh, and he likes bowling. Mostly though it’s just a stupid, pointless movie that a lot of people like to quote from for some reason. “The Dude abides” is the usual one. Plot-wise it has all the depth of a Three’s Company episode stretched over two hours. If you’ve somehow avoided the suckfest that is TBL but wondered what the big deal was it can be summed up in three words: rug, bowling, abiding. Bam! You now know everything there is to know about The Big Lebowski.

3. Anchorman is a really funny movie
Yeah, I know – this is one of the Ewok In Chief’s favorite movies, and I’ve tried to watch it twice. I can last about 30 minutes before I have to turn it off. I find absolutely nothing funny about this film. There is absolutely nothing funny about Will Farrell.

The complete, beyond-over-the-top love that people profess over this simple breakfast fare all over the interwebs has baffled me for years. Yeah, I understand that it’s tasty and it has that poke-in-the-health-nazi-eye appeal, but come on folks, really? The bacon flavored this, and the bacon flavored that that get endlessly linked and all the things made out of bacon. And of course, all the comments of people who want to have sexual intercourse with said baconized product. I dunno, it’s just too much. Don’t get me wrong, I like bacon, but it’s all too, too much. And to be honest, when I’m at a restaurant for breakfast I usually order sausage or ham as my breakfast pork of preference. Isn’t it time to fetishize something else now? How about kiwi fruit for a change?  ZOMFG THIS IS LIKE THE MOST HEALTHIEST FRUIT EVARRRRR! Yes? No?

5. Vampires in books, movies, TV shows.
OK. Can we be DONE with the vampire shit now? I am so sick and tired of vampires. Let’s move on to something, ANYTHING else. There has to be other monsters we can explore: Chupacabras or Mansquitos perhaps.

6. Zombies in anything
This is one of those I Do Not Get things. Can somebody please explain the fascination with this stuff?

7. Homophones:  Their, There, They’re / Too & To
Yeah I know, English is kind of a messed up language but still I don’t get the common confusion I see with these particular words. Surely if you have even just a basic literacy you MUST be aware of these words. And with that awareness comes along another awareness that there are real distinctions between them yes? When I was a kid learning how to read and write I became aware of these sneaky little landmines and I made damn certain I knew how to use them properly.

8. The whole “I hate clowns” thing.
In the Age Before Internets people who hated/feared clowns were pitied and rightfully regarded as odd. Now, anytime an image of a clown or even just a casual mention of the word in a forum invariably draws the “I hate clowns” people out of the woodwork and gets a chorus of “Oh, yeah I hate them too” people. No. This is wrong. Clowns are not scary or evil. Well, yes there was that Gacy dude, but come on! That was a long time ago. Get over it already!

9. Excessive amounts of Girl Power!!
I’ll probably catch some flak over this one, but I don’t care. Don’t get me wrong here though. I liked Buffy, and Xena and what’s-her-name from Firefly, and many of the other many, many girls & women who can beat the snot out of dozens of dudes twice their size without a scratch or even mussed up hair. But much like the whole bacon thing, it’s just too much. And the girls keep getting younger and smaller as in the recent movie Kick Ass. Can they get any younger and smaller? Hmm. Yes. I betcha there’s a live-action Powerpuff Girls movie in the works somewhere that will feature six year old girls beating the snot out of everyone. You read it here first.

10. People who don’t finish “Top 10” lists.
Seriously, how hard is it to come up with ten things? Lame.

Ok, I gotta go get some lunch and buy a gun. See y’all around!

Ending The Funk September 17, 2010

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Happiness Is A Warm 1911 Pistol

Lookie at what I’m getting tomorrow:

Colt Gold Cup National Match (Mark IV, Series 80)

This here is a Colt Gold Cup National Match (Mark IV, Series 80) pistol, which is of the .45 caliber 1911 style gun that I’ve been threatening to buy for ages. I’m stealing getting it for a very reasonable price stealing it from the husband of the occasional commenter here at the C of A and fellow Las Veganiac Lipstick. They are fleeing this barren land to the greener economic pastures of Texas in the not-so-distant-future and are shedding themselves of some of their possessions to lighten the load. I’m MORE than happy to be of service in this endeavor. You may recall my previous aquisition that they gave me for free.

I have to admit that I am conflicted. I’m sorry to see them go and really wish I’d put the effort to know them better previously, but …DAMN I’M GETTING THE BEST STUFF EVAAARRRR!!!

Yeah. That’s a major character flaw. It’s why I can’t have nice friends.

In A Funk September 13, 2010

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Sorry for not updating in so long.  For the last few weeks I’ve been in real crappy mood and I tend not to post or comment much when I get like this.  So expect the lameness to continue until morale improves.  In lieu of real content here’s a song that Sheri Gilmour linked up yesterday.  It has a real down tempo sound that really fits what I’m feeling these days.

Urrrk September 3, 2010

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I was supposed to commit some art today, but I’m feeling bad. When I went on vacation I took a break from watching my diet and whatnot so carefully, because – you know – VACATION.  Alas, I’ve not re-established discipline afterwords like I was supposed to and so I have been eating and drinking things I’m not supposed to (or at least not nearly so much) and now I’m being forcefully reminded as to why I should be more careful about such things.  I can’t hardly even concentrate so no art today.  Lame post I know.  Sorry.  Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow after a day of getting back on track and a good night’s sleep.

Here watch this.  It has a pretty girl who gets chased by low budget storm troopers who can be incapacitated by trance music.  Enjoy!