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Meet The New Boss August 25, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Same As the Old Boss

Howdy! I’ve decided to ditch my old on-line moniker of Enas Yorl for my real first name: Mitchell.  I made the changes to my Gravitar thingy so you’ll start seeing that next to my smiling face instead of the old one.

There are a few lingering questions about this that I’ll go ahead and clear up. The first: Why this, and why now? It has occurred to me that at some point I’ll want to do something non-trivial with these fancy networks of thinking machines and it would help to have my real name associated with the stuff I do out here. Oh, I’m not making any big career changes at this time (and certainly not in this crappy economy) but I’m looking a few years down the road and who knows? Anyway, to get from here (anonymous guy fooling around on the web) to there (legitimate money-making guy) will require some changes and I thought “Why not now?” Old and busted: Enas Yorl. The New Hotness: Mitchell! Woot!

Secondly, what the heck is an “Enas Yorl” anyway? In my younger days I was a fan of a shared universe fantasy anthology series of books called Thieves’ World and ol’ Enas Yorl was one of the characters from that series. He was kind of a shadowy, lurking character that years ago I felt matched my own shadowy, lurking presence on the various blogs and whatnot that I frequented. He has kind of cool back-story: uber-powerful, immortal sorcerer who lost a duel with an even more powerful sorcerer centuries before and was cursed to constantly change his form. He had no control over the changes and sometimes he wasn’t even human. So you can see how that would put a crimp in a guy’s social life. Overall though he was one of the least developed characters and was used more as a plot device for others. In all the years I’ve used that name it was recognized exactly twice. Frankly I thought I would have gotten more mileage out of it but I guess those books weren’t nearly as popular as I thought they were. So there ya go.



1. LC Aggie Sith - August 25, 2010

Mitchell….. that is an AWESOME name, dude!!!

Go comment at H&B so it will show up 😀

2. LC Aggie Sith - August 25, 2010

So, can I call you “Mitch”?? 😀

3. Mitchell - August 25, 2010

You certainly may Aggie!

4. Steamboat McGoo - August 26, 2010

Neat name, mitchell!

I sent you an email or two on this subject, but will ask here: what is an “Enas Yorl”? Is it an anagram for “Early Son”? Or “Real Nosy”? 🙂

5. Mitchell - August 26, 2010

Updated and answered McGoo!

6. Steamboat McGoo - August 26, 2010

Ah-ha! I’ve heard of Thieves World (I think) but never read any of them.

Hell, I was figuring it was a devious anagram (we all know you’re devious!) – or the name of an old beloved uncle who was hanged in the Old Country for something interesting like asparagus-molesting, or flicking boogers at the King out of season.

7. Mitchell - August 26, 2010

The books were fun but got a bit tedious at the end.

Sorry, but I guess I’m not as devious or historically interesting as you thought I was.

8. Lipstick - August 26, 2010

Mitchell !!!!

*waving hi

9. Mitchell - August 27, 2010

Howdy Lipstick! How was your trip?

10. Lipstick - August 27, 2010

It was pretty good. Got together with some old friends, one I hadn’t seen in 29 years, rode in a boat, jumped from a tarzan swing and slept with the windows open.

11. C Monster - August 28, 2010

Glad to know you’ve gotten to the point of invincible untouchableness.

IF it weren’t for that Black Helicopter they assigned me..oh yeah, and that pesky job peopled with Obamabots, I might opt for reality too. But, I think they might be on to me, so I have to…[*host failure*]…….

12. Mitchell - August 28, 2010

Sounds like a great time Lipstick! We’re still a few weeks away from open window sleeping here, but we are past the worst of summer though.

C Monster – well I think your blog draws more hostile flak than mine does (and bless you for doing it!) so it’s probably a good idea for you to stay undercover. Anyway, it’s only my first name and I only have a handful of readers so it’s not that big of a deal.

13. Mrs. Peel - August 28, 2010

Mitchell! Hi.

I thought about going to my first name with my blog, but the consensus was that the guys preferred picturing Diana Rigg on the other side of the keyboard rather than the reality, which is quite a bit shorter and only 35% as cool. 😀

14. Mitchell - August 28, 2010

Well howdy do Mrs. Peel!

Shorter stature notwithstanding, you’ve got all the cool Ms. Rigg ever had. 😉

15. Nicole - August 28, 2010

I’m with McGoo. I thought it was an anagram or something. Occasionally I have spent a few minutes trying to figure it out, then shiny happens and my attention goes sideways. 🙂

Heard of Thieves World. Had a friend who read them but I never tried them. Probably should have. I liked Myth by Asprin. Was TW ever converted to D&D? Googling it, it seems so familiar but I know I haven’t read the books.

16. Mitchell - August 28, 2010

Was TW ever converted to D&D?

I don’t think so, but I never got into the D&D scene. The books are long out of print, but you can find them in the used book stores if you’re interested. The first three are the best, it got confusing and hard to follow after that.

I liked the Myth series too up until Sweet Myth-tery of Life. I couldn’t even finish that one and never read any others.

17. The Mayor - September 2, 2010

I like that name, Mitchell, has a pretty great sound to it.

18. Mitchell - September 2, 2010

Why thankee Mr. Mayor! I like it.

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