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More Painting June 25, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

A Different Kind of Painting Though

Started painting my small 1/2 bathroom today. This started out to be a small project in a small room but now it’s turned into this Whole Big Thing.  Originally I just wanted to change the light fixture.  But after I looked at it I could tell I would need to patch holes where the old one was.  So that means painting.  Of course I don’t have paint that matches what’s there, so that means the whole thing has to be repainted.  Ok. So I got the stuff to do that.  I decided to do it up right and do a Venetian Plaster finish.  It’s a bit of a chore to do but it looks REALLY nice.  So I do the prep work and got ready to slap some primer ont the walls.  That’s when I fully took off the old light fixture and saw the crappy job the original builders did to put it in.  Someone just took the claw end of a hammer and gouged out a long hole for the wires and that’s it.  Bleh.  I swear I’ll never buy another house built by Centex.  Cheap, sloppy workmanship EVERYWHERE.  Talk about cutting corners.  Hell, I bet they even made round things square just to have more corners to cut off.

Anyway, so I go to home depot to get a new fixture and a wall patch.  I find a fixture that will cover the whole, but when I open it I find out that supposed to attach to another bracket already installed.  Grrrr.  My Dad came out and looked at it and suggested that I epoxy a piece of 2×4 in the hole so I’ll have a place to mount the new fixture on to.  What a pain in the butt.   Oh well.  It’ll look a hell of a lot better when I’m done and I’ll actually have something accomplished this weekend instead of just playing WoW all the time.

So, what are you up to?



1. Steamboat McGoo - June 26, 2010

Enas! My first home – bought in Plano Tx – was a Centex, I believe.

And – yes – it was a fine approximation to a piece of shit. Very cheaply made.

Did they (Centex) become Fox & Jacobs – or the other way around – or am I getting builders/developers confused again?

F&J set new standards of shitiness.

2. Nicole - June 27, 2010

Amazing how all those little projects usually end up becoming extensive ones, innit? 🙂 Around here, it’s been so hot and so humid at the same time that we are avoiding doing any little projects for fear they will become big ones. Need to get the outside of the house repainted or something, but 1) it’s freakin’ hot and 2) I’ve been putting off researching what has to be done. 🙂 We have that wood shingle look siding on the front of the house and I’m not sure if it has to be stained or painted.

3. Enas Yorl - June 27, 2010

Dunno about Fox & Jacobs McGoo. I don’t think they build stuff here as I’ve never heard of them. My job has made me aquainted with names of all the builders of any significance in this area. I’m sure the housing boom brough out a lot of shitty builders out of the woodwork and there was more than enough for them all.

Yah Nicole you hit it right on the head. This thing is turning into a much bigger pain in the ass than I ever imagined. I only just now finished putting on the first coat. Well, I guess it’s technically the second since I did a primer coat first. But now, I have to wait for it to dry, sand it, and go over it with a second coat. Then I lightly sand that coat when it’s dry, then the final third coat that gets rubbed and buffed when its partially dry. Then I guess it should get a final, final protective coat of a clear gloss on top of that. Oi.

4. LC Aggie Sith - June 28, 2010

Wish I were there, Enas…. I *heart* this stuff 🙂

5. Enas Yorl - June 29, 2010

I’d fly you up here to help Aggie, but the bathroom is too small for two people. Guess I’m gonna have to stick it out. It turns out I have to go back for another can of paint. There’s more area in there than I thought. Oh man, I just watched a video on a guy putting this stuff up. It seems you can use a roller to help put on the first coat and a bigger trowel.

Son of a mumble grumble.

LC Aggie Sith - June 29, 2010


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