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Father’s Day Present June 16, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Mom and I are going in on an Amazon Kindle DX for Dad.  I hope he likes it.  His eyesight isn’t so good these days and the Kindle has the ability to greatly increase the font size.  As a plus the local fishwrap sells Kindle subscriptions too so he can start reading the paper again.  So what are you getting for your dear ol’ Dad?



1. Nicole - June 18, 2010

My dear old Dad was more into July 4th than Father’s Day. We always got him chocolate covered raisins for Father’s Day and then did a ton of fireworks on the 4th for him. I eat a package of chocolate raisins on his birthday every year and make sure I smell and see fireworks on the 4th, but I don’t do anything special for Father’s Day. The father in law will get a phone call, but he isn’t the gift getting type so we don’t do anything for him either.

Kindle is a great gift for folks who need larger print. They can get access to a lot more books and newspapers than they can having to buy the large print versions.

2. LC Aggie Sith - June 20, 2010

That’s funny, Enas…we got my dad a Nook 🙂 He seems to like it, now that my BIL set it up for him! Along with it we gave him numerous B&N gift certificates so he can D/L several books.

My dad likes the techie gifts over the clothing gifts. In fact, I believe he still has ties in the original gift boxes given to him by my aunts waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the 70’s!

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