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I Need A Bag June 10, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Art.

So Nicole found something cool on the interwebberytubes a few days ago and I’ve come to the realization that I’m dangerously low on quality items with which to carry my stuff around in.  This is a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately and fortunately there is Saddleback Leather ready to fill this desperate need.  Yes, it is a need, not a want.  So now the only question is:  which one to get?  I’m leaning strongly towards one of the messenger bags in the Dark Coffee Brown color.  But, I also really like the Chestnut one too.  On the other hand I’m somewhat concerned that the messenger bags are a bit big for my stuff carrying needs and that one of the satchels might well be more what I’m looking for.  I like the Dark Tobacco particularly.  Ooo, decisions decisions.


1. Lemur King - June 10, 2010

Now THAT is a bag.

So I’ll need to get one of these on top of the leather trenchcoat thing.

Oh well, my kids don’t need a college education anyway.

I am… Rationalization Man.

2. Steamboat McGoo - June 10, 2010

What LK said.

That thing weighs 5 lb empty, Enas!

Man, that’s beefy….

I’d choose one of the satchels, as you mention or the briefcase-looking thing. And I always go with black when I can get it. Goes with any attire and setting.

3. Nicole - June 10, 2010

They are quite beefy. The OAM got his wallet yesterday (fast shipping or what?) and it is super sturdy. Surprisingly very flexible where it needs to be but very sturdy.

4. LC Aggie Sith - June 10, 2010

Yeah, Hubby is hinting at getting one. I’m hinting at the travel case in chestnut. But he doesn’t “take” hints….only gives them *rolls eyes*

5. Steamboat McGoo - June 10, 2010

Wallet? Did I mention that my wallet secret compartment is droobling out like a dead animals tongue? That my wallet was last replaced when Bush The Eldar was Potus? I think that – like certain parrots and British gov’t mascots – mine is an ex-wallet.

That’s what I like about Enas’ site: he gets me to spend money I should but am reluctant to.

6. Enas Yorl - June 10, 2010

College edumacashuns are highly overrated LK! Particularly these days. Get a coat and a bag! Hell, get the kids coats and bags too.

Black – yah those attracted my attention first I’ll admit, but I want something less formal looking and you know the brown stuff will get really interesting character as it gets older and broken in. Plus I don’t want to look like I just fell off the back of a motorcycle. Or…fell off the back of a motorcyclist more like.*

Grrr, I’m really torn between which one to get! Of course, Father’s Day is just around the corner. I could get one of each and then decide which one I like better when they get here and give away the other one…

*Name the reference and win 10,000 internet points!

7. Enas Yorl - June 10, 2010

You need a new wallet McGoo! Not to take away anything from Saddleback, but you might want to look at Stingray Leather. I have a wallet just like that one. Gorgeous stuff and it wears really well. And it’s on sale!

8. Muslihoon - June 10, 2010

What a coinkydink. My dad ordered a number of things from them the last few weeks. He’s very impressed, and he’s a leather things connoisseur.

9. Enas Yorl - June 10, 2010

M’hoon!! That’s good to hear! And good to see you again too! How are things with you?

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