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Is This Thing On? April 28, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Home.
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Yes, sorry for the unplanned blog & interwebberytube hiatus.  Death Valley turned out not to be “all that” after all, and other stuff came up.  Oh, DV is an interesting place, don’t get me wrong and it’s definitely worth a trip if you’ve never been, but I have been there before and didn’t really see much that was new.  There were wildflowers, but I guess I have a different definition of the word “spectacular” than the person who wrote the article that inspired the trip this time.  I still took a bunch of pictures, but it was cloudy and hazy that day so they really don’t look like much.  Oh well.  It was good to get out of the house anyway.  Ok, here’s one picture from the valley floor at Bad Water:


I Can Haz Godforsaken?

Definitely no wildflowers out on the saltpan.  They hang out on the slopes around the central valley.  This is a couple hundred feet below sea level and it’s actually damp out there, even in the brain frying heat of summer.  Anyway, interesting place to visit sometime.

Otherwise I’ve been busy with other stuff (aka The Great Time Suck, aka WoW) and my sister was out for a visit for a few days but things are back to the regular groove so you’ll be seeing me around again.

Happy Birthday to Me! April 17, 2010

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Hooray!  I’ve managed to not die for 40 years today!  No time to reflect on the traditional half-way point today though, I’m off to Death Valley – the wildflowers are in bloom and are supposed to be unusually spectacular this year.  See y’all tomorrow!

Money Origami April 14, 2010

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This is really cool how-to vid on folding a dollar bill into a peacock.  Money origami is a nifty little thing that you can learn to do and keep a few tucked into your wallet for tips and whatnot.  It’s really easy stuff to learn and it tends to impress people more than it ought to :-D.  Pass a few of these out and people really remember you.

Beautiful Things April 7, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Music, Trance.
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More trance awesomeness!  Beautiful Things by Andain (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

This one is one of the softer versions of the several out there.  I usually gravitate towards those.

A more visually interesting version for Lemur King, who has no sound on his thinking machine:

Too Much WoW? April 5, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in World of Warcraft.
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After nearly a year-long hiatus I’m back to playing World O’Warcraft.  It’s my sister’s fault.  I’d given it up because it had become too much of a pain in the ass to play.  In the game all the quest elements were too far away from each and I couldn’t afford to buy any of the Personal Transport Critters that helps make things easier to get around, or anything else for that matter.  It seems that they made Some Changes whilst I was away and it’s easier to do that stuff now.  My sororiternal unit has been playing for a while and has a rather high level character built up.  And she’s rich.  That helps a lot too.  So anyway, much of my last two weekends were lost to WoW.  If you noticed that I’ve been a bit absent lately now you know why.  Just this morning at work I caught myself thinking of work-tasks as “quests”.  That’s probably not a good sign.  I’ll have to think about this some more tonight as I level my dwarf.  Urp!  Gotta go – the boss needs some troll scalps for his TPS report.