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Trance Thursday March 25, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Food, Health, Music, Never Give Up, Never Surrender!, Trance.

Even as we mull the relative immanent damnation or salvation of our country there is still time to pause and enjoy some of the cool things we have now.  One of which is a trance hit from a couple years ago – Who Will Find Me by DJ Shah featuring Adrina Thorpe.  This is the soft acoustic version, so even if you’re not a big fan of the heavier beat dance / trance stuff you’ll still like this one:

One of the things I like about this genre of music is the tendency for artists to make multiple versions of their best songs.  This one has at least seven that I know of, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find still other versions out there remixed by other artists as well.  I always enjoy listening to different takes on songs that I really like. 

Thanks for the visits and I’ll type some more at you later.

 The Litany Against Cake*

I must not eat cake.
Cake is the diet-killer.
Cake is the big-sugar that brings total obliteration.
I will face the cake.
I will permit it to pass by me but not through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its pudgy path.
Where the cake has gone there will be nothing.
Only the diet will remain.

*Apologies to Frank Herbert


1. LC Aggie Sith - March 25, 2010

Oh, that was really nice!! I like her voice. Very melodious, and has a nice range.

2. cmblake6 - March 26, 2010

Gorgeous song!

3. Muslihoon - March 26, 2010

I’m going to print out and prominently display your Litany Against Cake.

In fact: mind if I posted it on Facebook? How shall I cite it?

4. Enas Yorl - March 26, 2010

LOL, be my guest Muslihoon! Post it wherever you want. How to cite – good question. Is there a standard for parodies? “By Enas Yorl adapted from Frank Herbert’s Litany Against Fear” or something along those lines should be good enough. Use your best judgement.

5. geoff - March 28, 2010

Always like that song, but I hadn’t heard this arrangement. Very nice.

6. cmblake6 - March 30, 2010
7. Grackle Black - April 5, 2010

Cake? The missus bakes two dozen cookies each week. There are only two of us in line to consume…and she keeps count of how many I eat.

Nice tunage, though.

8. Enas Yorl - April 5, 2010

I’m on a mission – nay, a Quest to lose 176 pounds Grackle Black. I can’t mess with either cake or cookies, but have one for me!

Thanks for the visit!

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