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Art Post March 17, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Art.

Sorry, nothing much to put up lately.  Today I’m absolutely bone-weary and I’m counting the minutes until I get off of work.  I’m also blowing off the gym tonight – everything is sore and I need to recover.  I’ll put up what I did in class last weekend a bit later.  Until then, check out this guy’s site:  Henry Yan.  He does some really amazing figure drawings.  I bought his book a little while ago and just recently finished going through it.  If you’ve got 30 bucks laying around there is no better way to spend it.

Type at y’all later.


Behold – Bell Peppers!

Nekkid Veggies
The teacher has been sick. She cancelled the class before this last one and still wasn’t feeling well last week. She just put a few bell peppers out on the center table, put some lights on them and said “Have at it.” I wasn’t really feeling these peppers so I kind of phoned it it here. Unlike the last drawing, this paper is very smooth. It’s also very thin and the charcoal picked up the texture from the drawing board.  This week is Spring Break so no class, but I’m still going to draw something.  Hopefully I’ll be able to apply some of the techniques from Henry Yan’s book.  Which really is amazing by the way.  I can’t recommend it highly enough – even if you’re not interested in learning to draw yourself, you can learn a lot about Art from it.  Go buy it.



1. kseverny - March 17, 2010

he sure does

2. LC Aggie Sith - March 18, 2010

That is an awesome book. However, having Yorled some scrapbooking stuff, I have to wait. I’ll add it to my queue.

Nice bell peppers, too!

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