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Recession Just Got Worse for the Big & Tall Clothing Store March 10, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Food, Health, Shrinking.

 100 POUNDS!!

As of this morning I finally cracked the three digit barrier on my weight-loss journey!  Technically, it’s 100 and 1/2 pounds, and yes, I celebrate each 1/2 pound victory.  Oh sure, 100 is just another number and doesn’t have any real significance outside of a base 10 numerical system, but it is an important psychological achievement nevertheless.  The last few weeks were very frustrating for me since I wasn’t making much significant progress.  Hell, I was at the 98 pound mark for about three weeks and the complete inability to lose even 2 measly pounds in that time was extremely discouraging, even after really going at it that last week.  I had hit the dreaded “plateau”.  As far as I’ve come in the months since last summer I still have way too far to go to fracking plateau.  Obviously, I needed to make some changes – what had worked pretty well so far just wasn’t working anymore.

I Had To Get Medieval on My Ass

The rules of the diet and weight loss game aren’t really all that hard to understand: shovel less food into the pie-hole and move the butt more.  If calories in < calories out then weight goes down.  Easy peasy!  Of course, it’s the implementation part that trips us up and serves as the basis for a multi-billion dollar industry.  The mind is willing, but the flesh is very, very weak.  Particularly when you’ve got so much of it laying around like I do.  The first thing I decided to do is take a hard look at the pie hole end of the the equation.

Over the last few months I let a lot of little things back into my diet.  Little snacks that I used to have occasionally were now much more common or a lot bigger (hell, sometimes even both) than what I used to eat.  A tablespoon of ice cream every couple days was now several teaspoons every day, for instance.  All that had to go.  And bread.  I LOVE my sourdough bread and it was hard to give up previously.  So I started eating it again.  Just a slice here and there at first you know, but now it too was pretty much every day.  That’s gone again.  I’ve been eating too much fruit as well, so I cut that way back.  Anyway, you get the idea.  Less food overall and WAY fewer carbs than I was indulging in.  I have to be a carb-hawk anyway because of the Diabeetus, but my blood sugars have were behaving so I wasn’t as disciplined as I was when I started.  I’m back to non-starchy veggies, lean protein, moderate fats (it will be a cold day in Hell indeed before I give up my cheese) and what sugar/carbs I get from some fruit.

New Butt Moves

Next I reasessed my exercise routine.  Previously, 5 days per week of grinding it out for 41 minutes on the treadmill was sufficient.  Note that I’m moving it pretty good while I’m on there – this ain’t strolling.  I have it jacked up to the highest incline and I averaged around 4.75 mph.  According to the calorie computer on the treadmill that’s good for over 1,000 calories per trip.  I’m usually too tired afterward to do much else and don’t have much time anyway so that’s pretty much all I would do.  It used to be good enough.  I think my body got used to this routine and I don’t get the big calorie bang anymore.  Now I cut the treamill down to 26 minutes, but do it at a higher intensity and use the rest of the time getting to know the weight machines and another 10 minutes of body weight exercises at home.  And I get away from my desk for about 15 minutes at lunch and do some juggling with my set of juggling balls that weigh 3 pounds each.

I started all this on Monday.  I’m now hungry and sore.  I also kicked out 3 pounds in two days. 



1. LC Aggie Sith - March 10, 2010

I am very proud of you!!! You kick ass!!!!

2. Enas Yorl - March 11, 2010

Thanks Aggie!

3. Steamboat McGoo - March 11, 2010

Enas – your success and attitude encourage me to get off my dead ass. Hell, it’s springtime coming up! I can go mess around outdoors!

4. Lemur King - March 11, 2010

Most excellently kick-ass, dude. Seriously.

And yeah, the body will always seek to (1) minimize work, and (2) increase efficiency to do the most work for the least effort. It will adapt, and you have to constantly move your workout around or you will stagnate. When I was lifting heavy we saw this all the time.


Think about that! Did you envision this day when Diabeetus first up and nipped you on the butt? No, I know you didn’t… but look at the positive that has come out of this! Serious damn condition but you’re making an awesome showing of yourself – 95-bleeping-percent of the people out there don’t do what you are doing.

5. Enas Yorl - March 11, 2010

Thanks guys!

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