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I Spent More Money February 15, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Home.

I Blame Lemur King

It’s all his fault.  I cannot be held responsible when people go around showing cool stuff on their blogs and igniting the fire of desire in my heart.  Particularly when it’s easily orderable straight from the interwebberytubes and deliverable by express post.  Frankly, that was completely reckless behaviour on your part Mr. King.

Ooo - spinny!

Very cool! A couple complaints though. The edges on this thing are a bit sharp. There’s no attempt to round them off at all so it’s not a particularly comfortable ring to wear, particularly if you’re doing anything with your hands where your fingers move a lot. Also, there’s a bit more play in the moving bits than I’d like to see. It would be nicer if the tolerances were tightened up a bit. Still, it is extremely cool looking and inordinately fun to spin around and around.


1. Lemur King - February 15, 2010

Use that excuse with a chick…

“Honest honey, if she hadn’t shown me the most bodacious set of ta-ta’s ever, I wouldn’t have been tempted and been unfaithful to you. It’s her fault. Really.”

Electro-polishing would take those narsty sharps off right quick, it would.

2. Steamboat McGoo - February 15, 2010

So I can blame you, Enas, when I order mine?

Or can I blame both of you, because I’d forgotten about that friggin’ cool-ass ring after I saw LK’s post on it. But now you’ve reminded me about it and the fire is lit again.

3. Enas Yorl - February 15, 2010

Electro-polishing. I don’t even know what that is, much less be able to actually do it LK.

Yes, by all means you can blame me McGoo. I’m not one to shirk my responsibilities of inducing impulse purchases in others. Unlike SOME people I could mention.

4. Lemur King - February 15, 2010

I’m not a shirker, I’m an enabler. Plain and simple. In some cases I herd the victims towards the edge of the cliff.

It’s also known as electrochemical milling. This ought to perk up some Steampunk ears but home steampunks have been milling gears and patterns in this fashion with some good results. Some bad as well, to be fair, but that’s life.

Depending on the type of material, you use a different electrolyte (copper uses copper sulphate). One electrode goes on the part to etch or remove material and the other electrode goes to a grid (it can be any shape, really). When you pass a DC current, depending on the polarity you will either remove materials from the part or plate it with metals from the electrolyte.

Ferric chloride is the other big material, I believe.

The nice thing is that it will take the high points and sharp edges preferentially – assuming the feature isn’t down inside a cavity – and whittle them smooth faster.

I haven’t done much with it because I’m afraid that it just looks too much like blue kool-aid and I have a 4 year old boy with no sense of boundaries.

5. Steamboat McGoo - February 15, 2010

Watch out for the ferric chloride, too. It’ll stain your fingers amber-colored, and it soaks into vinyl flooring (ask me how I know that!) and other plastics – and permanently stains them.

And don’t put aluminum into the Fe-chloride! The resulting nasty reaction is exothermic and releases dangerous gases (H2 and O2, I think). That’s a big boo.

Use Ammonium perchlorate instead, for copper. It clear, and just bleaches cloth if spilled.

I gotta go find out what my ring size is. By habit and history, I don’t do jewelry. Dangerous in a lab environment.

6. Lemur King - February 15, 2010

Good points, McGoo. Typically you match the etchant and etchee.

Sparks, O2, and H2 are bad?

Copper sulphate is good for copper and brass – heard tell that brass will leave you with a sediment though.

The other drawback is getting rid of the wastes. I’m not a fan of just pouring chemicals down the drain unless you neutralize them first.

You’re totally right about jewelry, ‘Goo. I don’t wear my band or anything. I once leaned forward to adjust a dye laser and my badge swung into the pump laser beam – several watts of beautiful green splashed the lab. Exciting!

7. LC Aggie Sith - February 15, 2010

Man, I am soooooooooooo glad they don’t carry my size…..

8. Nicole - February 15, 2010

Very cool, Enas. 🙂

9. Enas Yorl - February 16, 2010

Mmmkay. Electricity and chemicals are two things I’m better off not messing with at all so I won’t be. We’ll wait until McGoo gets his and see what he does with it.

You know Aggie, if you ask nicely I’m sure they’ll make one for you especial. 😀

Thanks Nicole!

10. Lemur King - February 16, 2010

Enas speaks truth about you asking really nicely Ag – dollars against donuts says there’s an engineer at the ring place just dying for a challenge.

It’s just the way we’re wired. And we’re suckers for purty girls. Ask Cruel Wife.

11. LC Aggie Sith - February 16, 2010

Oh, I’m sure they would…they are entrepenurial capitalists, after all.

But I have designs on something a bit more me, so I shall just do with admiring y’all’s 😉

12. Enas Yorl - February 16, 2010

Yeah? What do you have designs on Aggie? Come on, cough it up. Inquiring minds want to know.

Dang, my hand looks old in that picture. It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

13. Steamboat McGoo - February 16, 2010

Ordered. 1-day express. Had to get my ring size at Walmarts today (I REALLY do not do jewelery), while grabbing the latest DVD-that-I-hope-might-not-totally-suck-this-week. (Law Abiding Citizen).

Don’t worry about your hand, Enas. Mine will be forthcoming….

14. LC Aggie Sith - February 16, 2010

Well Enas, I have designs on many things, one less after yesterday’s trip to Teavana:


They had ONE left, at 30% OFF!! Nevermind I had purchased a tea set there recently….this one has Japanese cups, as opposed to English. Simply MUST HAVE, right? RIGHT??

Man, you are bad for me!!!

15. Steamboat McGoo - February 16, 2010

I like those leaves on the teapot, Aggie!

LC Aggie Sith - February 16, 2010

Each cup has a different design so everyone has their own, McGoo, which is essential for keeping the peace around here 😉

16. Enas Yorl - February 16, 2010

Aww, link is blocked at work for some reason. I’ll have to wait until I get home to see. 30%!! By Grabthar’s Hammer – what a savings! 😀 Obviously you had to buy it Aggie. It was a necessity. Japanese & English are the yin & yang of tea. If you don’t have both then the chakras get all unbalanced and your fung shui gets all discombobulated. Or something like that. Anyway, crisis averted! Well done.

LC Aggie Sith - February 16, 2010

Ok, you have assuaged my guilt most prettily 🙂

17. Enas Yorl - February 16, 2010

Oh, very cool McGoo! I can’t wait until you get yours and see how you like it.

18. Lemur King - February 16, 2010

I tend to jones more for tools… http://www.leevalley.com/Home/OnlineCatalog.aspx?id=295a43a2

Hand planes, japanese saws, and razor sharp chisels beat power tools any day.

19. Steamboat McGoo - February 16, 2010

Awww mannnn!

That catalog should be illegal, LK!

I looked at the first three pages, and on each one saw something that I probably can’t live without. I’ve wanted a good set of forstner bits for years.

Don’t look, Enas! For the sake of fiscal sanity – don’t look!

20. Lemur King - February 16, 2010

Most certainly don’t look at the dozuki or the hollow-grind Japanese chisels.

Or the low-angle planes.

21. Nicole - February 16, 2010

Very pretty, LC! And Enas is quite right. One must simply have at least one set of each nationality.

22. Enas Yorl - February 16, 2010

No worries there McGoo – I’m as handy as a foot when it comes to serious-type tools. Besides I looked at my credit card bills for last month.


23. LC Aggie Sith - February 16, 2010


24. Steamboat McGoo - February 17, 2010


Enas, I noticed that your f*** finger is curved. Do you know what that means according to ancient folklore? 🙂

25. Enas Yorl - February 17, 2010

The foreshortening in the picture makes my fingers look weird there McGoo. They are all actually pretty straight. But do tell! What is the ancient folklorian tradition for curvy f*** fingers?

26. LC Aggie Sith - February 17, 2010

Enquiring minds want to know…. 😉

27. geoff - February 18, 2010

Ferric chloride is the other big material, I believe.

Ferric is great for photochemical etching, but an awful choice for electropolishing or electrochemical milling.

28. Steamboat McGoo - February 18, 2010

McGoo: Enas, I noticed that your f*** finger is curved. Do you know what that means according to ancient folklore?

Enas: But do tell! What is the ancient folklorian tradition for curvy f*** fingers?

McGoo: Why, nothing, Enas. Nothing at all! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

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