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Ouch February 10, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

I got my new toe shooz yesterday!  Last night I wore them around the house for a bit and I have to say they felt kinda funky.  Also, very hard.  I thought maybe there was a thin cushioning to these things when I bought them.  Nope.  It’s a hard, flexible rubber with a thin, suede-like lining on the bottom and that’s it.  It really is just like they said it was – the closest thing to being barefoot without actually being barefoot.  The little booklet that comes with them advises you to kind of ease into wearing them an hour or two at a time.  I decided to ease into them a bit faster than that.

Today I put them on and went to the gym and try them out on the treadmill.  I’m actually getting to be a pretty fast walker these days and over the typical 36 minute session I average about 4.5 miles per hour and top out at 5.3 mph with the treadmill set at its maximum slope of 15 degrees.  I had no expecation that I could do that with these right off, but I did want to push it a bit and see how well I could do in them.  Yeah, that probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do. 

I cranked up the slope to 13 degrees and started cruising along at aroun3.6 mph.  These shoes really make you want to keep walking on the balls of your feet, which require shorter, faster steps instead of  longer, slower ones where you strike heavily on the heel.  I varied the speed between 3.6 and 4 mph and even jogged a bit from time to time.  While it’s definitely an adjustment, I was actually doing better in these things than I expected.  Still, I should have stopped after about the first mile.  But I didn’t.  I really should have stopped after the first mile and a half.  But I didn’t.  I REALLY should have stopped after two miles.  My feet were definitely hurting by then and I had to vary my walking styles a bit to keep going.  But I didn’t.  I did cut the speed and slope quite a bit for the last couple minutes, and then the treadmill went into “cool down” mode for another five minutes where it slowed down even more.  I REALLY, REALLY should have cut that shorter than four minutes, but I didn’t.  So yeah, I’ve got a nice bumber crop of blisters now.  That really wasn’t the best way to “ease” into these things.



1. Lemur King - February 10, 2010

Oh yeah, we men are stupid all right.

Bet the calves hurt tomorrow, too, from putting your weight forward on the balls of your feets.

2. Metal Lust. « Lemur King's Folly - February 10, 2010

[…] My bet?  Within 3 days Enas Yorl has one. […]

3. Lipstick - February 10, 2010

Oh Enas!

You just had to go and be a guy, didn’t you?

4. Lemur King - February 10, 2010

Well, he is testosterone poisoned. Chicks don’t get how powerful that whole thing is. Testosterone poisoning colors the world, makes it look safer, says “don’t worry, be happy” at the exact same time as it allows you to crush the skulls of your enemies and do ill-advised things on treadmills with shoes we’ve never worn before.

Comes with the equipment that most guys carry.

So OF COURSE he had to go and be a guy.

5. geoff - February 10, 2010

Well, keep us posted on how they work once you can walk again.

6. Steamboat McGoo - February 10, 2010

I want to know what comments and looks you got wearing them in public.

I would have been delighted! Can you (visibly) wiggle the toes? I would do that a lot, alternating the standard toe-to-toe ruffle-of-impatience with occasional splay-toed “startled” stretches, just to keep people staring and to amuse children and small pets.

I’d hit Walmart first….

7. LC Aggie Sith - February 10, 2010

Poor Enas…I hope the toesies got a good soaking after that!

And I think McGoo has a great idea 😉

8. Enas Yorl - February 10, 2010

Thanks y’all! They feel better this morning. Still blistery, but better. All part of getting the feet toughened up I figure. Still, I should have used better sense. Sometimes the stubborness gets ahold and I don’t feel like listening to “better sense”. As Lemur King indicated – it’s Our Way. 😀

Nothing in the way of commentary that I heard McGoo, nor any looks that I noticed. It was the gym though, and people mostly don’t pay much attention to each other there. Afterwards I sure as hell wasn’t paying any attention to anything except shuffling out to my car. And yeah, you can wiggle your toes in these things. It’s pretty neat.

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