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Friday Meh January 23, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Art.

As Fridays go this one kinda sucked. In class today all we did was go over the syllabus and course material sheet, ask & answer few questions about this & that and we were out of there in about a half an hour. We didn’t actually do anything because “we didn’t have our materials yet”. I don’t know why I was surprised. Instructors at this school blow off the first day every time. Still, I thought that this time it would be different.

I mean – come on!  It’s Beginning. Drawing.  How much in the way of materials do we really need to get started?  A piece of newsprint and a crayon for each of us, a table with a bowl and some fruit for a still life and BAM!  first lesson.  Remember, since this is only one day per week it’s a six hour class.  We could have gone to a store, got supplies and come back and still have plenty of time to do something.  Blowing off a day in this class is actually blowing off two day’s worth of instruction.  Hell, she could have at least done a presentation of  basic art concepts of form, line, textures, values and whatnot with some nice pictures of…oh I don’t know, drawings, perhaps that demonstrate these characteristics?  That doesn’t even require any materials for the students at all!  Grrr.  To have absolutely nothing prepared for today is just inexcusable.  Make no mistake, I WILL bring this up in the course/instructor evaluation at the end of the class.

When I left I decided to drop by the art supply store to get the few things I didn’t have already.  Which by the way wasn’t the one recommended that was clear across town.  We have an outlet for one of the biggest art suppliers in the country at Blick’s just a few miles away from this campus but, no, we’re supposed to go to this other one waaaaay over there.  Interestingly, we’re going to mostly do charcoal drawing in this class which is a bit different since it’s usually pencil.  So I needed to get charcoal paper.  The material list has a specific type/size so I looked for it and there were actually two versions – one has sheets of varying tints of white to grey, and the other is the “earthy-friendly” hemp/recycled paper.  I don’t like drawing on recycled paper and they didn’t have it in the right size anyway so I went with the multi-tint pad.  I’m getting the distinct feeling that this instructor is going to annoy me somewhat.

After that I decided I wanted to go to the movies.  I saw that Legion was out this weekend and I remembered that I liked the previews so I went to see that.  Gah!  It was terrible.  It was one of those “end-of-times-wrath-of-God-but-humanity-has-one-last-chance-to-stave-it-off” movies.  If you’re in the mood for something like that then I recommend The Prophecy with Christopher Walken.  It’s a hell of a lot better than that mess I watched today.  Fortunately I won 10 bucks playing video poker while waiting for the movie so I’m only out the money for the popcorn and soda and two hours of my time.  Oh well. 

So how was your Friday?



1. ArmedGeek - January 23, 2010

Well, hell, my Friday consisted of sleep, food, booze. <– isn't that the very definition of 'Friday' ?

You know, art cannot be taught. It can't. Sure, maybe you can teach various techniques for expressing said 'arit', but you can't teach 'art'.

There probably isn't a more vague term in the english (or even human) language than 'art'. What the fuck does that even mean ?!?

Sure, take some class to teach to how to paint this or knit that or sculp the other, but 'art' can't be taught as it is inherently undefined.

Art == evoking an emotional response <– my lame definition.

Classes are not required.


Fuck it … I'm not qualified to comment.

2. Steamboat McGoo - January 23, 2010

Ah-ha! I was wondering about “legion” – and loved Walken in “Prophecy” (especially the way all the angels sit on chairs!). So now I know not to buy the Legion DVD.

How ’bout “Law abiding Citizen”?

Enas – sounds indeed like you’re headed for trouble with the art instructor. What? Did he own the cross-town art store?

3. LC Aggie Sith - January 23, 2010

More like the instructor gets a cut from the store she recommends, I bet. I know my daughter’s art instructor does.

Waaaay back when I was in college, I had a five hour class that met on Mondays. First day we did the syllabus/ curriculum thing for the first 30 mins or so, then the prof told us we had an hour to get the materials (she had reserved them at two bookstores: one on campus, one on Northside) and to meet back here for first instruction. Of course, it was Nutritional Anthropology, so not a high demand for the materials, but it was kind of her to do so we didn’t have to go searching willy-nilly all over the city. Your teacher wasted time YOU paid for, Enas, and you should make sure to tell the divine powers.

So, “The Prophecy” is better than “Legion”? Damn…I was looking forward to it, since Paul Bettany is in it.

4. Enas Yorl - January 23, 2010

Anyone is qualified to comment here Armed Geek! By the way – welcome! This is your first one around these parts I think.

Art – yah it’s a slippery concept to be sure, but drawing is actually a fairly concrete expression of that concept since it’s the most basic one. As such it has very simple, basic elements to it: line, form, light (or value) and texture. Learning to draw is essentially learning how to see and using these basic elements to express your vision. Once you’ve learned that then you start using the vocabulary of Art.

Unfortunately a lot of people are lazy, have no appreciation of craftsmanship and they want shortcuts so they don’t learn this stuff. They think they can do whatever they want and call it “Art”. Even more unfortunately there are a lot of people who agree with these lazy people and put their garbage in museums of “Modern Art”. Ahhhh, don’t get me started.

Dunno about “Law Abiding Citizen” McGoo. Haven’t seen that one. I netflixed “Wild Things” recently and that was a hoot.

Nah, there won’t be trouble McGoo. I’m used to being at cross-perspectives with other memebers of the Art Community and I know how to handle them. 😉 As for the store thing – she prefers the other one because it’s the old mom & pop family-run business as opposed to the soulless, big-corporative thing like Blick’s. She didn’t expressly say so, but I know that’s the reason. Just as I know that she wants us to use the recycled / pot paper instead of the stuff I bought. 😀

5. Enas Yorl - January 23, 2010

Whups, you snuck a comment in there Aggie! I’d be surprised if there’s any kick-back shenanigans going on. She doesn’t strike me as being the kind of person to do such things and the money couldn’t be worth it.

I guess I would be less annoyed if I didn’t come loaded for bear with all my stuff ready and ripping to go on day 1. Nobody else does. But I’ll be sure make some pointed comments on the evaluation sheet at the end.

Sorry, but definitely give Legion a pass. None of the characters were interesting, the plot made no sense, and the action was weak. I can’t really think of anything to recommend it.

6. Nicole - January 23, 2010

Boo for Legion. I was looking forward to that one. So now I know to make it a rental or a matinee on a day with absolutely nothing else to do. 🙂 The One Armed Man will probably see it since he and his pals make a point of seeing bad movies on Saturday mornings.

Law Abiding Citizen was meh. Probably worth a rental though. The first 75% was totally let down by the last 25%, if I recall correctly.

Book of Eli is a matinee price or a rental, if you are looking for another at the theater type of experience. 🙂

7. cmblake6 - January 23, 2010
8. Steamboat McGoo - January 24, 2010

Ah-ha (again). Thanks for the movie reviews. Now I know not to buy any I was considering (law-abiding c, Book of Eli, etc).

Enas – you are kindhearted, even to your teacher. I would probably want to support the m&P store too whenever convenient. The recycled stuff? Only if it did not compromise the quality of my art (if I had any).

9. Enas Yorl - January 24, 2010

I’d like to check out the other store too McGoo – unfortunately it really isn’t on my way to anything and I rarely ever go to that area. It’s not that I have a problem with recycled paper per se, it’s just that I’ve used art papers made with it in the past and really didn’t care for them. There is a difference. It’s the shorter fibers. Granted, it’s a beginner course and we’re going to be doing simpler stuff, so it probably wouldn’t matter all that much…hmm.

10. Steamboat McGoo - January 24, 2010

Well Enas – pull up a shoppers guide, historical guide, or whatever for that area. Then find something – anything! – that is an excuse for going into that area. (It’s my way around my “I need two reasons to do anything” rule). Then you can visit the shop “while you’re in the area”.

I have wasted any number trips and dollars this way. And found a few pretty cool places, too.

11. Enas Yorl - January 24, 2010

Hee, I was thinking about going over there today just for the hell of it (beats doing houswork!). Alas, it seems they’re closed on Sunday. Or they don’t answer their phone. Oddly they don’t put their business hours on their webpage and they don’t have an answering machine. Maybe some other time I guess.

12. Steamboat McGoo - January 24, 2010

Ya see! Now its personal! You simply have to visit them now – now that the Shopping Gods have stymied you. Don’t take that crap from them, Enas!

And…there must be a reason the Shopping Gods don’t want you to go there. What are they hiding? What rare treasure will you find there – or nearby?

You see? *James Earl Jones Voice* It is your destiny, Enas Artsketcher

LC Aggie Sith - January 24, 2010


Freakin’ PRICELESS!!!!

13. Enas Yorl - January 25, 2010

That was pretty good McGoo!

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