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Busy Day, No Time to Play… January 13, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Music, Trance.

But I do have a couple minutes to share a great song I’m enjoying these days.  Check out Audiophilosophy by nevarakka:

Generally speaking, I detest the usual finger-sniffers that typically infest the Youtubian commentariat but I do concur with this one particularly pithy assessment:  “holy fucking shit this song is nuts.”



1. LC Aggie Sith - January 13, 2010

Um, whoa…..


2. geoff - January 14, 2010

That was fun. Is the rest of the album anything like that?

3. Enas Yorl - January 14, 2010

I love the energy on this one Aggie!

I went ahead and got the rest of the album on iTunes on the strength of that song Geoff, and yeah it’s pretty good! Audiophilosophy is the best one though and most of the others have vocal tracks. Youtube has a couple of them from this album too (Desire & Summer Girl) if you want to check them out.

4. cmblake6 - January 18, 2010

“Good NYBORG!!!!!!!!!!”

5. cmblake6 - January 18, 2010

Actually, good tune. I can absolutely get into that, strangely enough.

6. Mr. Matamoros - January 20, 2010

I like it! I just might have to download it for me iPod…

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