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These Shoes = WANT January 28, 2010

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Toe Shoes!

I’m not a “shoe guy” at all.  Generally all I want is something that feels comfortable and doesn’t look ugly.  That said I just became aware of the existence of these things and I’m fascinated.  And zomg they are On Sale!


***UPDATE***  Aggie had trouble looking at the manly blue ones.  They make purty ones for ladies too Aggie!
They're FABulous!

I Got Frogged Again January 27, 2010

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I can explain…

Ok, I went and got another frog yesterday after work. This one is called “Lucky Strike”. Lucky, meet the internwebberytubes! Interwebberytubes – Lucky. I had a REAL hard time deciding between this one and the other one I bought Monday. Even after I got home last night I still agonized over it and wound up dreaming about frogs during my sleep. By lunchtime I decided to stop fighting and get this one too. As I’ve already explained – these were on sale. 25% off! By Grabthar’s Hammer – what a savings!! So I called the gallery during lunch and had them reserve it for me so no one could swipe it before I got there.

This guy is a bit different from all the other frogs I have since he hangs on the wall. Cool huh? I put him in my bedroom and he’s the last thing I look at before I go to sleep. I can now say that I’ve fully satisfied my frog cravings and there definitely WON’T be another frog post tomorrow ;-D.

They have another artist who does these really cool cat sculptures though…

It Was On SALE Dammit! January 26, 2010

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I didn’t have a choice! You can see that can’t you? I mean this guy’s stuff is NEVER on sale! Well…almost never anyway. It’s a bigish one too: 18 x 11 inches. I swear this stuff is like crack cocaine of bronze sculpture. Once you start buying it you can’t stop.

The Parental Units’ New Table January 25, 2010

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It’s actually a bronze sculpture called “Let’s Do Lunch” and they just bought it yesterday. Is this beyond cool or what? (Clicky on pic to embiggenate).Awesome Frog Table

The picture above I swiped from the artist’s website: Frogman Collection. Hit the link for more froggy goodness.

Dunno where they’re going to put it since their house is already kind of full.  Well, I suppose they could replace the end table they have in the living room and give me the end table (which is itself a really cool table made out of a large manzanita root).  I wouldn’t mind that :-D.

Friday Meh January 23, 2010

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As Fridays go this one kinda sucked. In class today all we did was go over the syllabus and course material sheet, ask & answer few questions about this & that and we were out of there in about a half an hour. We didn’t actually do anything because “we didn’t have our materials yet”. I don’t know why I was surprised. Instructors at this school blow off the first day every time. Still, I thought that this time it would be different.

I mean – come on!  It’s Beginning. Drawing.  How much in the way of materials do we really need to get started?  A piece of newsprint and a crayon for each of us, a table with a bowl and some fruit for a still life and BAM!  first lesson.  Remember, since this is only one day per week it’s a six hour class.  We could have gone to a store, got supplies and come back and still have plenty of time to do something.  Blowing off a day in this class is actually blowing off two day’s worth of instruction.  Hell, she could have at least done a presentation of  basic art concepts of form, line, textures, values and whatnot with some nice pictures of…oh I don’t know, drawings, perhaps that demonstrate these characteristics?  That doesn’t even require any materials for the students at all!  Grrr.  To have absolutely nothing prepared for today is just inexcusable.  Make no mistake, I WILL bring this up in the course/instructor evaluation at the end of the class.

When I left I decided to drop by the art supply store to get the few things I didn’t have already.  Which by the way wasn’t the one recommended that was clear across town.  We have an outlet for one of the biggest art suppliers in the country at Blick’s just a few miles away from this campus but, no, we’re supposed to go to this other one waaaaay over there.  Interestingly, we’re going to mostly do charcoal drawing in this class which is a bit different since it’s usually pencil.  So I needed to get charcoal paper.  The material list has a specific type/size so I looked for it and there were actually two versions – one has sheets of varying tints of white to grey, and the other is the “earthy-friendly” hemp/recycled paper.  I don’t like drawing on recycled paper and they didn’t have it in the right size anyway so I went with the multi-tint pad.  I’m getting the distinct feeling that this instructor is going to annoy me somewhat.

After that I decided I wanted to go to the movies.  I saw that Legion was out this weekend and I remembered that I liked the previews so I went to see that.  Gah!  It was terrible.  It was one of those “end-of-times-wrath-of-God-but-humanity-has-one-last-chance-to-stave-it-off” movies.  If you’re in the mood for something like that then I recommend The Prophecy with Christopher Walken.  It’s a hell of a lot better than that mess I watched today.  Fortunately I won 10 bucks playing video poker while waiting for the movie so I’m only out the money for the popcorn and soda and two hours of my time.  Oh well. 

So how was your Friday?

Back To School January 21, 2010

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Teachers, books, dirty looks, etc.

Yay! School starts tomorrow! I’m taking a class on Fridays this semester and for the first time in many years I’ll actually be going during the day time instead of after work. I’ll feel like a real college student!*  But since it’s just one day a week though so it’s going to be a loooooooong class: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. What’s the class, you ask? Good question!  I’m taking ART 101: Beginning Drawing. Now, some of you who are familiar with my work may be giving me the ol’ ugly eyeball right now and think that I may as well be taking “English as a Second Language” or the like. Well I’m not taking this for an easy “A”. Although, I guess it probably will be. No, truth be told I’ve never really been all that happy with my drawing skills and I see this as an opportunity to sort of rebuild them from the ground up. It should be exciting! It will also be fun to blow away all the real beginner drawers. They’ll all be like “Whoa, look at this guy!” 😀

*To facilitate this and more easily blend in with the actual real college students I’m tie dying some t-shirts‡ and won’t trust anyone over 30.
‡Seriously!  I’m not kidding about the tie-dying part.  I already have the dye materials and now I’m just waiting on my shirt order.   Come on Hanes.com!  Send me my shirts already!**
**And underwear. Yup, gonna dye me some underwear. And socks. And towels. Hell, even a few skeins of white cotton yarn too. That’ll be cool to knit and/or crochet into something.

Fable January 19, 2010

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I took the long weekend off and now it’s Tuesday.  Meh.  I’m still not feeling it.  But once I get out of the habit of putting up posts it’s easier to stay out of the habit.   Kind of like exercise.  So here’s a song Pandora kicks up from time-to-time.  I decided I liked it enough to go ahead and get the whole album from iTunes this weekend and I’m glad I did.  It’s a lot more tranquil than Audiophilosphy.  I’m not sure if it still qualifies as “Trance” though or if it falls over into “Ambient”.  Anyway, still good:

Ah, where would blogging be without Youtube?  A lot less youtubertariany I’m guessing.

Crochet Bag January 14, 2010

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So this weekend I finished my first real crochet project and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  Take a look:

It’s a pretty good-sized bag great for carrying lots of stuff. It actually went together pretty fast, after I finally got it started right after about six or seven tries. Check out the inside and bottom:

The really neat thing abot this is that the bottom circle is made out of two pieces that serve as the bag’s own storage pouch when I’m not using it:

Pretty neat!

Busy Day, No Time to Play… January 13, 2010

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But I do have a couple minutes to share a great song I’m enjoying these days.  Check out Audiophilosophy by nevarakka:

Generally speaking, I detest the usual finger-sniffers that typically infest the Youtubian commentariat but I do concur with this one particularly pithy assessment:  “holy fucking shit this song is nuts.”

Public Knitting January 12, 2010

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A couple posts below frequent commenter Steamboat McGoo linked an interesting picture of curious knittery:
Tree socked

He tried to blame me for it, but I assured him that it was definitely not my handiwork. Still, I am familiar with this sort of thing, as I’ve seen pictures of it before. Indeed folks – this is an actual Thing, and not just some random act of knittery inflicted on innocent bystanding flora committed by a crazed crochetitterist or an isolated, radical, extremist knitteritarian.  This, folks, is an example of what has come to known by various terms:  “Grafknitti”, “Graffiti Knitting”, “Urban Knitting”, or even the ominous “Yarn Bombing”. The movement bills itself as “the most inoffensive form of grafitti.” Probably the most spectacular example of this in its most advanced form is the amazing “Tree Cozy”:

Is that awesome or what? You can read more about it here: Urban Knitting. Also, check this out: there’s a knit grafitti crew in Texas that call themselves Knitta Please. That name amuses me beyond all reason. If I ever joined a gang it would be something like that.

Related – my new gang tat:
My Gang Tat
The above was gleefully swiped from one of the comments over at the Hotsausages.