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Yo Knife, I’m Really Happy For You & I’mma Let You Finish… December 31, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Home.



This is a quilt made from 20 t-shirts bought from various casinos/hotels on the Las Vegas Strip over the last several years. All the pieces were cut and sown together by my Mom and hand tied by my Dad. Cool huh? Check out what the back looks like:

I picked out that fabric all by myself! I wanted something to kind of reflect the chaos of color and movement one experiences when visiting Las Vegas for the first time. 🙂

I know it’s a bit hard to make out all the panels so I thought it would be neat to do each one in its own post and to tell a bit about where they came from and some of the stuff I know about them. Fun! Well, fun for me anyway.

*Yes, yes – that whole Kanye bit is terribly old and WAAYYY over by now. I like jumping on bandwagons after they break down and everyone else has already jumped off. By Grabthar’s Hammer that’s just the way I roll.



1. LC Aggie Sith - December 31, 2009

Great minds think alike, Enas. I helped make a similar quilt for one of my dorm friends, who was in Kappa Alpha Theta. As a sorority member, she was “obliged” to purchase all the T-shirts for every freakin’ occassion. She never wore them, and was going to throw them out, when my roommate, who had a sewing machine in the dormroom, suggested making a quilt out of them, and raffling it off for the sorority charity of their choice. It came out great! They ended up getting about $2300 for it (sorority alums are nuts).

That quilt is indeed awesome, especially the backing!!!

2. Enas Yorl - December 31, 2009

Thanks Aggie!

That was very cool thing to do for a charity.

3. Nicole - January 1, 2010

That is a way awesome quilt! My mom wants to learn to make the t-shirt quilts. She has tons more t-shirts than any 60 year old woman needs but she doesn’t want to toss any of them because they have sparkly birds and flowers and things like Jack Skellington and The Tick on them. Yeah… I’m gonna have an assorted type of inheritance… 🙂

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