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Big Bowl O’ Yarn December 16, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Knitting.

My yarn shop is having a big yarn sale going on for the past week or so where almost all of it is 1/2 off. By Grabthar’s Hammer – what a savings!! So, I’ve been stocking up:

Yeah, that’s about $200+ worth of yarn right there at the sale prices. I don’t have a problem. I can quit whenever I want to.

Anyway, that bowl is about three feet long at the handles and two feet wide, so it’s pretty big. It’s really neat, and really old. My Mom gave it to me a couple days ago. It was just sitting around in a closet since she really didn’t have a place for it anywhere else. So, what am I going to do with all that yarn? I dunno. Knit and/or crochet it up eventually I guess. Now I’m seriously considering getting a yarn baller & umbrella to help me wrangle up those skeins into a more user-friendly format.

Related: Politically Incorrect Yarn. I like the Fat Bottom Girl and WTF OMG LOL yarns particularly.



1. Steamboat McGoo - December 16, 2009

I liked the “senile fruitcake” yarn.

And the “Is that a banana” yarn.

And, is that a prehistoric Peruvian Coke party platter? They really knew how to party back then! 🙂

2. Enas Yorl - December 16, 2009

Yah those are good too. I love the vivid colors they use.

The bowl is called a “dough bowl”. Dunno exactly how old it is, where it came from originally or even the type of wood. Mom picked it up at an antique store somewheres. Anyway, wimmenfolk use to use such things when makin the bread was an important daily chore.

3. Steamboat McGoo - December 16, 2009

Yeah, actually I suspected it was a bread platter of some sort. It just has that “bread belongs here” look to it…

It is neat, though.

4. Nicole - December 24, 2009

Oh… I am trying to tell myself that I don’t need to go out with the masses the day after Christmas… but our hobby shop is having a 1/2 off yarn sale as well. I may have to sharpen my elbows and head out to become my grandmother in terms of yarn stock… 🙂

5. Enas Yorl - December 26, 2009

Howdy Nicole! Thanks for dropping by. You can never have too much yarn you know. Particularly 1/2 price yarn. Hell, you’re practically throwing money away if you DON’T buy any!

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