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Christmas Knittery December 6, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Knitting.

I’ve been working on my knitting lately. This is my current project that isn’t quite finished:

It's almost Suessian isn't it?
Yes! It’s a Santa hat! I love wearing a these during this season and I’ve got a couple that I switch between. This was supposed to be my really cool one but it isn’t going quite as I expected. The ribbing and cabling make it a lot stiffer than I planned so it’s going to stick straight up all the way. That wasn’t what I was going for actually. Also those cables pulled the hat in a lot tighter than I thought they would so it’s a bit snugger than I wanted. Also also there’s a problem with some of the cables. They ain’t doing right. Check it out below the fold:

Houston, we have a problem. See how the centers are pulling out in the twisted parts? The other side looks better and more like it’s supposed to:
Better Cable

I showed this problem to Knitting Jedi Master at the local yarn store this afternoon and she thinks I just wasn’t getting the tension right when I was doing the twists. She’s probably right. I think I can fix them with some stitches on the inside to pull those centers together and make them look they’re supposed to. Anyway, I’m gonna finish this one up pretty quick I hope and put a big poof-ball on top. I’ll make another, better one next year. 🙂

I did some washcloths to practice doing some stitches earlier this year.  They turned out so nice that I can’t actually bear to use them though so I’m giving them to my Mom for Christmas.

Broken-Rib Stitch:

This is my first crochet piece that I did to practice the half-double stitch:


1. Steamboat McGoo - December 6, 2009

Damn! You’ve come a loooong way since those little swatches you were doing for practice – seemingly about a month ago. Bravo!

BTW: I would LOVE that stiffy-headmitten! (Not a hint – just an observation) It would look juuuust silly enough on me to be worth wearing – especially to Wal Mart*. Way better during the Xmas season than my usual Bassmasters or Ford cap.

*I’ve been hoping I’d appear in one of those “People seen in Wal Mart” photos folks post. No cigar yet, though.

2. Steamboat McGoo - December 6, 2009

I didn’t mean to imply “silly” about your knitting, you know! But having an “erect” knitted winter sock-cap is kinda strange….

“Is your sock-cap cable-knitted, or are you just happy to see me?”

…and are those Enas eyes peeping out of that first photo?

3. Ali - December 6, 2009

Wow, that is a cool Santa Hat! I’ve never even thought of knitting a santa hat, great idea.


4. Enas Yorl - December 6, 2009

Thanks McGoo! Yah I picked up knitting about 5 months ago now actually. I’m fairly well pleased with my progress.

People of Walmart – dare to dream McGoo! You’ll make it someday, I just know it.

Yes, I know what you mean re: “silly”. Particularly after I add the last 3-4 inches with the big, oversized poof-ball on top. Still, I think it will have a dinstinctly Dr. Suessian quality to it where it will straddle the line between silly and cool.

Yup, those be my peepers!

5. Steamboat McGoo - December 7, 2009

Dr. Suess! Exactly ! I would buy that hat. It’s….me.

And you’re quite obviously getting pretty advanced with this knitting thing!

RE: eyes. We should start a fad where all these secret folks (like me, or Weasel, or cbullitt) who never post a photo post a shot of their eyes. They’re the windows to your face, you know, according to Christopher Walken.

6. Enas Yorl - December 7, 2009

We’re gonna have to get you fixed up. A McGoo in a Suessian hat would make the “People of Walmart” page in a hearbeat!

“Advanced”? Not hardly! I’m still just an egg McGoo and quite prone to make rookie mistakes.

The eyes thing would be cool! Post yours up when you get a chance.

7. Lemur King - December 10, 2009

Dude, first thing I thought when I saw the top image….

Sherpa Claus!

I’ve been proudly showing my sauce cozy to all my co-workers and the women snort more than the men when I pull it off the bottle. It’s been great for laughs, which we need more of lately.

8. kevlarchick - December 10, 2009

That hat is not too small. Your HEAD is too BIG.

9. Enas Yorl - December 10, 2009

Great! Glad to hear it LK!

KC, yup. It’s because I think too much and it gets all swollen. I know! I’ll become a liberal and then it will fit perfectly!

10. Lemur King - December 10, 2009

Enas, to become a liberal means you would have to eat a lot of eucalyptus and shrink your brain like a koala.

Don’t do that. Eucalyptus leaves are expensive to import.

11. Enas Yorl - December 12, 2009

Koalas! The stoners of the animal kingdom! That’s the way to do it – smoke weed and shut down all higher brain functions. Works pretty well for Andrew Sullivan eh?

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