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Health Update November 16, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Diabetes, Health.
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Hola mi amigos et amigas! It’s been a while since I rapped at ya so let’s get to it!

Things are going really well in this department. As of last Saturday I’ve dropped a total of 75 pounds since I started in late June, which is pretty good I think. I still have a long ways to go but I’m definitely well on my way. It’s funny, but you’d think that after getting rid of that much weight I would feel lighter or something. You know, like as if I were on the moon. It doesn’t though, which is a little disappointing frankly. Oh well.

I just had a three-month check up last week and it went really well. We reviewed my latest blood sugar readings on my tester (I forgot my graph dangit!!) and the doctor said I was doing very well and can pull back to testing my blood sugars to three days per week. I’ve decided to go every other day just make things easier and keep my graph nice and smooth. As part of my checkup I also had some blood drawn for some tests and I just heard back today that my fasting blood sugar levels are officially back to the normal range as are my cholesterol levels! I can stop taking my cholesterol medication now! WHOOT! I plan to celebrate with a grapefruit after work tonight. (Grapefruit is forbidden when on that particular medication so I actually am pretty excited about this.) 😀

Unfortunately my visit did not result in entirely undiluted good news. I’ve had a bit of pain off and on in my left shoulder for several months now and after wiggling my arm around a bit the doctor informed me that I have a bit of arthritis there. I’ve been holding off on doing very much upper-body exercise in an effort to let this problem “heal” but that’s not going to happen. I’ll just have to learn how to be careful with it I guess.

That’s it for now, but I plan to get back to regular posting so check back soon!

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas! November 7, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Knitting.
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Ok no, not really. It’s a bit too soon for Christmas actually because we still have Thanksgiving to go and I like each holiday to have their own time. Still, it’s definitely time to think about Christmas in terms of what we’re going to get for others. Of course I’m developing a new skill set to use to actually make stuff for presents but I’m still a bit slow to do much in the time remaining. But having said that I did manage to crank out one little item for someone :). Behold!Yes! Another Sauce Cozy!

As requested by frequent commenter Mr. Lemur King this is a bottle cozy for his hot sauce.  Unlike mine this one is ribbed for his pleasure!  If ya want it drop me a note to let me know where to send it buddy!