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Happy Halloween! October 31, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home.
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Just a quickie thing here for the one or two of you who still drop by from time to time. I’ve been meaning to drop a link to this for the longest time: Dracula – in blog form! This is really very cool and perfect for the season. The original novel from Bram Stoker (isn’t that an awesome name?) was written as series of journal entries and letters from some of the characters and here they are presented as entries posted on the same days as they are in the book.

Now you can read the original that inspired all the rest! Remember, Dracula was the original “old school” type vampire. Like James Lileks quipped about the movie Nosferatu “…from the days when vampires were stinky and ugly, not tragic lads from the goth version of the A&F catalog.”

Gettin’ Cozy October 8, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Knitting.
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Just a quickie thing for now. Check out the Tobasco Cozy I knitted:
Hot Sauce Sweater

This is my first thing to knit “in the round” using the magic loop method. For my next project I started a hat. I’ll post some details later.