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I’m Makin’ Diabeetus My Bitch August 10, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Diabetes, Health.

Jeepers.  I didn’t really mean to be away this long but real life intrudes. 

Anyway, I implemented a  lot of changes in my life since Diabeetus Day two weeks ago and there are already many noticable improvements.  I now test my blood glucose levels twice per day and, being the data guy that I am, I of course record the results in a spreadsheet.  And numbers in a spreadsheet just beg to be graphed.  Check it out:


In less than two weeks I have my numbers in the normal range. This happened a lot sooner than I expected but it’s definitely welcome. Similarly my blood pressure numbers have returned from “Stage 1 Hypertension” levels to those approaching normal as well. Now the goal is to keep them there.



1. Steamboat McGoo - August 10, 2009

Whoa! Science!

Gawd I loves me some graphs!

It looks like you’re determined to beat the ‘beetus, Enas!

…and you’re gonna make it! Congratulations, dude!

2. Gnus - August 10, 2009

Looking good, Enas. And nary a triangle in sight. Congrats.

3. Lemur King - August 11, 2009

Do you feel noticeably better, Enas? When the wife had gestational diabeetus you could just tell when she was off because she looked wonky, was acting slightly abnormal (even for a pregnant woman), and seemed lethargic.

Good for you with the charting. I chart my training when I’m training for a bike ride. Well, I did before the car accident thingy, anyway.

4. Enas Yorl - August 11, 2009

Oh gracious yes. LOTS better. It’s funny how bad you can feel without realizing it until you have a better condition to compare it to.
Lethargic – dude there were days when it was all I could do to keep my face off the keyboard at work.

You’ll be back on that bike soon, I’m sure of it!

5. Lemur King - August 11, 2009

Remember Toy Story when Buzz Lightyear has his pulled-off arm in his other hand and pretends it is a rocket, blows a raspberry, and crashes it into the floor?

That was Cruel Wife with a blood sugar at 350. She was sitting on the floor, legs splayed out, and leaning against the wall and that was the image that came to mind.

The bike may not happen soon enough for this summer season but it does mean I have this winter to get back into shape – and I’ve got a long long way to go. I got a runner’s high getting out of bed yesterday.

6. Steamboat McGoo - August 12, 2009

Yeah – I see you started at 350+, Enas. Mine was at about that level (390 IIRC) when I went to the emergency room.

The reason I went to the ER is that I felt I was higher’n a kite – but had not taken anything. And not high in a good way, either.

When your BS level is that high you definitely feel it. Some folks pass out.

7. Enas Yorl - August 12, 2009

Oh yeah, I was starting to get spells of lightheadedness too McGoo. Definitely an indication that Something Is Very Wrong Here. Incidentally I remembered some symptoms presented by a patient in an episode of House that made me think that diabeetus was a likely culprit. Sure enough…

8. Lemur King - August 12, 2009

Seriously, Enas … House M.D. did a diagnosis remotely like that? How cool.

McGoo and Enas – edjumacate me would you? When you see “390 IIRC”, what does the “IIRC” part mean? When the wife did her diabeetus thing that wasn’t something I ever saw.

I mean, I have a totally bitchin’ly massive intellect, like Wile E. Coyote and all, but that one… nope, don’t know it.

And when you felt that way, guys, did you feel lightheaded all the time or just when you stood up, sat down, laid down, flatulated… what did it?

9. Enas Yorl - August 12, 2009

Yah LK, I figured you’d like that. It was the “thirsty all the time” symptom that clued me in. Towards the end it was nigh unquenchable and very disturbing. And all the bathroom trips. Basically I was just a vehicle to transport water from the faucet to the urinal.

McGoo’s IIRC = “If I Recall Correctly”. Not a measure of blood sugar there dude! ;-D

For me the lightheadedness was at a low level that often hung around for a few hours occasionally punctuated by moments of “whoa!” where the sensation spiked for a bit. The spikes seemed unrelated to any particular postures or activities.

10. Steamboat McGoo - August 12, 2009

What Enas said about IIRC, LK. Sorry to be cryptic. But it is way shorter than typing it out longhand.

Oh! The thirst! The unquenchable thirst!

Yes. Apparently the thirst is your bodies way of trying like hell to flush all that damned sugar out of your system that the insulin was supposed to take care of.

I could go on for hours describing that thirst and never do it justice.

I would get a HUGE glass and fill it plumb full of ice and then douse it with water to the brim. Then I would wait – impatiently, like an addict waiting for a syringe of dope to be dispensed – for it to cool down.

Then I would drink….and drink…..and drink….and drink….

And then do it again. I wanted it to go on forever….the drinking…

It was better’n sex. No shit. That, coupled with the lightheadedness, really made me feel like I was on a weird permanent high.

11. Steamboat McGoo - August 12, 2009

Enas – have you overshot your meds and gone below 100 yet? Like down into the 50s or 60s?

Don’t. The symptoms are almost the same, except no thirst and you get a headache and (I, at least) get quite pissy.

Lower, and you tend to pass out with little or no warning. A bit lower yet and … well…you don’t want to go there.

So don’t go low. You have way more safety margin going a bit high.

12. Lemur King - August 12, 2009

I thought perhaps it was a subclass of type II diabeetus. But I kept thinking “Rockwell C” as in the hardness scale… then IRTC (internet ray-tracing competition)… Lost, I tell you… I was so lost.

The wife did go low blood sugar once and it was scary. I was popping candy in her mouth left and right. I can see how if you did run too low you could end up assuming room temperature pretty easily.

So even when medicated you get thirst if your sugar is too high? So it’s like a built-in thermometer of sorts?

13. Enas Yorl - August 13, 2009

Haven’t gone below 100 since I started monitoring it McGoo, but I was told that 70 was the low end of normal so I haven’t been that concerned about the bottom side. I figured that with regular eating I shouldn’t have much of a problem with it. My post-lunch read today was surprisingly low at 117 and I went to the gym after work for a pretty vigorous walk. I ought to give myself an extra poke tonight to see what the BS looks like after that.

Yah I expect so LK, because I was still thirsty the first week or so when I started treatment but it’s not a problem now. The body is a remarkably adaptable organism I gotta say.

14. Enas Yorl - August 13, 2009

Huh. The BS level didn’t hardly budge – 113. Oh well. Time for bed and we’ll see how it looks tomorrow. My last post-exercise plunge happened the next morning. I actually look forward to my blood tests – more data points! WHOOT! 😀

G’night y’all!

15. Lemur King - August 13, 2009

You my friend, are a geek. You ought to go live a little like me… I’m researching soliton propagation, which is infinitely less geeky.


Keep graphing the BS – interesting stuff.

16. Steamboat McGoo - August 14, 2009

Yep. Enas, the first few months after being diagnosed, I took 8 (!!!) readings a day. My friggin’ fingertips were just covered with li’l black pinpricks from the pokerator thingy. It was expensive; those test strips cost money, and I was going through a pack of 50 ($30) about every week!

But the data was interesting….

17. Lipstick - August 14, 2009

Enas, I’m so glad you went and got yourself checked out!

18. Enas Yorl - August 16, 2009

McGoo – I gotta say eight readings seems excessive! Were your blood sugar levels really volatile?

Lipstick, so am I! I’ve also lost another 11 pounds since the diagnosis so the new diet and exercise stuff is working well.

19. Steamboat McGoo - August 17, 2009

Yeah, Enas, they were – and still can be. I would kill for nice, well-behaved levels like you show in the graphs (DATA! YAY!).

I was also recording everything I ate and drank – including water – and my sleep times. My doc was looking for natural insulin relaxation & response times due to food/drink/activity/sleep/time-of-day so he could tailor my meds.

Be glad you didn’t/don’t have to do that.

You WILL make diabeetus your bitch, dood! Then you’ll lose a bit more weight and kick her right outa your life!

20. Enas Yorl - August 17, 2009

My levels bounced around entirely within the “normal” levels for the last week McGoo, and frankly I’m not really paying all that much attention to what I’m eating. At least, not as closely as the books and whatnot say I’m supposed to. I’m even trending toward the lower end lately and I’m not really sure why. I’ll put up another graph so you can see.

I’ve got quite a bit more than a bit to lose but I’m working on it!

21. Lemur King - August 17, 2009

You go right ahead and bitch slap that diabeetus, Enas. For what it’s worth, you got moral support even if it is far away.

22. Steamboat McGoo - August 18, 2009

What LK said! Tell that sweet bitch to shut up and make you a sammich.

23. geoff - August 18, 2009

Researching solitons?


24. Lemur King - August 18, 2009

What Steamboat said but tell that sweet bitch to fix you a turkey pot pie, too. I’m hungry.

25. Steamboat McGoo - August 19, 2009

…and some corn on the cob!

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