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Behold! August 28, 2009

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Here’s a picture of the blue jean* quilt I mentioned a couple posts ago:

Blue Jean Quilt

This is entirely made up of pieces of old denim jeans with various patches, pockets and belt loops added on.  The backing is a nice, snuggly soft flannel.  The overall size isn’t big enough to cover a queen bed but it’s still a generous 5 x 6 feet.  Denim is of course far too heavy to quilt in the traditional way so the top and backing is joined by tied yarn as you can see in the bottom left corner.  This is the sixth quilt my parents have made for me so far, and there’s another on the way.  It’s going to be really cool.

*Yes I know they’re not all “blue” jean pieces.  Don’t make a maniac out of me.

Blood Sugar Update August 17, 2009

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Just a quick note about how it’s going. This last week has been really pretty good! As you can see levels have been entirely in the “Normal” range which is really gratifying. Aside from the uptick on the 13th the trend is still going down too.  To be honest I’m not entirely certain what to make of the last couple days though.  For instance today’s first read was around 11:15 am, well after breakfast and yet it is the lowest I’ve measured yet.  The second read was at 2:00 pm, and so about an hour and a half after lunch and it only moved up about 19 points.  I was told expect a 30 – 40 point movement upward though.  Something to keep an eye on anyway.

Blood Sugar Update

I Haz a Quilt Rack August 13, 2009

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I just got this in last week and I’ve been meaning to put it up:

Quilt Rack

The Parental Units have made me enough quilts now so that I can load one of these up.  My latest aquisition is the blue jean quilt in the back.  I’ll put up another picture of that one later.  Anyway, I got it at QuiltRacks.com and it arrived in less than a week!  And shipping was only 7 bucks!!! 

Very cool!

I’m Makin’ Diabeetus My Bitch August 10, 2009

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Jeepers.  I didn’t really mean to be away this long but real life intrudes. 

Anyway, I implemented a  lot of changes in my life since Diabeetus Day two weeks ago and there are already many noticable improvements.  I now test my blood glucose levels twice per day and, being the data guy that I am, I of course record the results in a spreadsheet.  And numbers in a spreadsheet just beg to be graphed.  Check it out:


In less than two weeks I have my numbers in the normal range. This happened a lot sooner than I expected but it’s definitely welcome. Similarly my blood pressure numbers have returned from “Stage 1 Hypertension” levels to those approaching normal as well. Now the goal is to keep them there.