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Diabeetus Watch July 24, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Health.

Well I saw the doctor yesterday and he agreed that all the stuff I’m experiencing are indeed potential signs of a diabeticatarianalishy condition so he set me up for some blood tests.  I also have high blood pressure issues so he’s checking for some stuff with that, and cholesterol, and thyroid.  I couldn’t get the blood drawn yesterday as some of the tests require an eight hour fast before they can take it so I went this morning.  It will take a few days for these tests to come back but I expect we’ll have a lenghthy discussion about my health issues and what we can do about them.  I also expect that a large part of my treatment will be getting my lazy butt off of the couch and moving it.

Stay tuned…



1. gnusnow - July 24, 2009

Best wishes, Enas. That getting off the couch business ain’t easy. I hear it works though.

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