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Stockinette Stitch Swatch July 18, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Knitting.

No it didn’t take a week to do this.  I actually had it done last weekend but just didn’t get around to posting it.  It’s four inches by four inches again.  Check it out:

I knit therefore I am.

I knit therefore I am.

I thought I was kinda doing it wrong because it likes to curl up, but that’s actually a defining characteristic for the stockinette stitch.  It likes to be tubular.  Unsurprisingly it’s frequently used for tubular pieces like sleeves and socks.

This was made from a skein of Lamb’s Pride worsted weight wool and mohair blend.  The color is “Tormented Teal”.  I think it turned out pretty good!  My next knitting swatch is already started but I have not had much time to work on it this week.  It’s the slightly more complicated “Rib Stitch”.



1. Steamboat McGoo - July 19, 2009

Now that’s a fine piece of knitting!

BTW: that knit sweater over at my place: its double-knit I think. But I can’t tell the yarn type. It might be cotton. The weaver may be a seed stitch – or perhaps a King Charles Brocade? Can you tell? 🙂

2. Enas Yorl - July 20, 2009

Thankee McGoo!

I’m hardly an expert at the various knit weaves but if’n ya want you can shoot me a picture of the sweater in question and I’ll take a look at it. You know the address: 3nasyorl@gmail.com

3. Steamboat McGoo - July 21, 2009

Enas – you commented on it over at my place:


I figured you were making a backhandded joke about our knitting discussion.

So I looked up some random stitches to sprinkle my silly comment with. I actually know nothing, zip, ziltch, nada about stitches.

4. Enas Yorl - July 21, 2009

Oh I get it now. Sorry I am slow sometimes McGoo! :b

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