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Treasure of Alaska July 17, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

It’s here!  Mine!  My own!  My…PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSSS!

The Precioussss

Freshly forged in the fires of Mount Doom's little brother - Calamity Hill!

I bought this wonderful ring at our first port of call, Ketchikan.  There’s a beautiful jewelry store there (among many, many jewelry stores) called Julie’s and they specialize in carrying stuff with gold quartz settings.  This was one of the stores my Mom was keen on visiting and they had lots of pretty stuff for her to look at.  I had no intention of buying anything when we went in but I happened to glance at a case with some men’s rings & whatnot and a little display stand of three rings caught my eye.  On a lark I asked to look at them more closely and get the prices.  Well, they were out of my price range and told the guy to put them back.  Mom picked out a gorgeous ring and necklace pendant with the quartz gold stones and arranged to have the ring re-sized.  It would be ready for pickup in a couple hours.  The instant we left the store those rings started preying on my mind.

We wandered around the downtown shopping district for a while and we saw many cool and beautiful things (in amongst the tons of touristy crap) but I kept thinking about the rings.  Eventually I made up my mind to go ahead and buy one and asked to go back.  It wasn’t really time to go back yet but we went anyway.  When we got there I asked to look at the stand again to compare the three.  They ranged from smaller to larger with corresponding prices.  I dithered for a while and then figured “If I’m going to spend this much I might as well go ahead and get the nicest one” so I did.  Alas my porky fingers are too big and it has to be resized.  Doubly alas the resize job was too big to do in-house properly so it had to be sent to the manufacturer for recasting and resetting and I would get it “in a few weeks”.  GRRR!  All that money and I couldn’t even enjoy it on the trip!  Oh well.

Last night I noticed a corner of a note just peeking through the door jamb of my front door.  UPS had been trying to deliver something for three days!  It required a signature, of course and that note was the last attempted delivery.  No kidding folks I’ve had dreams about this ring for several nights the last couple weeks.  Anyway I went down to the UPS depot and finally picked it up this morning.  Now that I have it I can’t stop mooning over it.  

My Precioussssssss…



1. Lemur King - July 18, 2009

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them…

Your precioussss did indeed find you, my diminishing hobbit friend.

2. Lipstick - July 18, 2009

Very handsome!

3. Dave - July 31, 2009

small word. I purchased at ring at Julie’s a couple of weeks ago. same thing with me… didn’t figure on buying anything of that magnatude.

4. Enas Yorl - July 31, 2009

So do you think maybe Julie is putting something in the air in that shop?

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