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Goodbye Isabelle May 27, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

It’s so hard to let you go, but continuing on is no kindness.

I have her at home in comfortable, familiar surroundings for one more night.  She’s very tired so I’ve let her be for the most part finally free of being poked, prodded and having various meds and food  shoved into her face.  I got her interested in stuff for a little while and had her outside to roll around in the weeds a bit.  A little while later she was back inside for a real good brushing and petting.  I know she enjoyed that.  In a little bit we’re going upstairs for bed-time.


It’s done.  Rest in peace Isabelle.  You were the best kitty ever and I will always miss you.

Goodbye baby


1. Lemur King - May 27, 2009

You did the best you could for her all the way around, Enas – there’s only just so much you could do and you did it.

Take care.

2. Enas Yorl - May 27, 2009

Thanks LK. Last night it was pretty obvious that it was time. She could barely control her back legs and it was heartbreaking to watch her stumble from one resting spot to another. Still, I’m a mess today and I’m very grateful that my boss let me off to deal with things.

3. Pupster - May 27, 2009

Sorry bud.

I know it’s tough, you did all you could.

You are a good man, Enas Yorl.

4. cbullitt - May 27, 2009

My condolences Enas. You did what you could, made her as comfortable as possible–and she knows it.
Hang in there.

5. geoff - May 28, 2009

Very sorry to hear it.

6. Dave in Texas - May 28, 2009

Very sorry for your loss Enas. You did all one could do and loved her through it all.

7. kevlarchick - May 28, 2009

Goodnight little kitty. She will come running to greet you when you go to heaven Enas. She’s waiting and she’s at peace.

8. Enas Yorl - May 28, 2009

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all of your kind words.

9. Lipstick - May 28, 2009

So sorry, Enas. You are such a good kitty-daddy and gave her so much love and care.

10. Steamboat McGoo - May 30, 2009

My sympathies to you, Enas.

11. Lorence - July 10, 2009

So sorry for your loss, Enas. I came across your post via a google image search, saw the picture of Isabelle and was drawn to it. We lost our tortie, Emily, over a year ago and we still miss her very much. (Her story is here: http://lorenceskitchen.blogspot.com/2007/08/happy-20th-birthday-emily.html and http://lorencesing.com/Emily.html).


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