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Let’s Change the Subject… May 21, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Music.

How about a break from the daily drama of As the Infection Turns to something else?  Yes!  Let’s go to music instead for a while.  I have a bleg for those few of you who visit here.

I’ve become bored with the music on my iPod.  A quick check tells me that I have 2,668 songs and sound files on this thing and yet I am bored or don’t like the vast majority of them.  I’ve gone through and marked the ones I like the best as 4 or 5 stars and those are automatically included in a playlist called “My Top Rated”.  Currently it has 827 songs in it that I usually have on shuffle play.  I often skip past most of them.  Don’t get me wrong I do actually like these songs, but it’s just that I’ve heard them so many times.  Particularly stuff from The Doors and Pink Floyd and the like.  I actually don’t like much from The Doors anymore since my political viewpoint has changed so much many of their songs mostly just remind me of how and when things started to go so very wrong in this country.  Same thing for the Beatles.  I have no Beatles on my iPod whatsoever.  Don’t want any.  Eehhhh I’m going off on a tangent here.  Nevermind all that.

Back to the real point of this post – I want suggestions for new stuff.  “New” being a relative term in that it would be new to this device, and thus something that I don’t already have on CD or downloaded.  Now obviously y’all don’t know what I have and probably aren’t inclined to scroll through a 2,600 + list of titles to see them.  You don’t really need to know that to help me though.  What I want to do is start collecting favorite songs from the “One- or Few-Hit Wonders” or those songs that “Shoulda-been-hits”.  One of the things I love about iTunes is that you can often buy these for just 99 cents a pop.  Yeah yeah a lot of people hate iTunes and I don’t care about DRM or any of that other crap.  Nor do I care that I could get this stuff for “free” at IStealMusic.com or whatever.  I WANT to pay for the music that I listen to and truly enjoy and the artists should get compensation for their work.

Here are some examples of stuff I’ve already got:  Zombies – Time of the Season, Gary Neuman – Cars, B-52s –Roam, Taco – Puttin’ On the Ritz, Men Without Hats – Safety Dance, The Vogues – Five O’Clock World, Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now, Wall of Voodoo – Mexican Radio…etc.  You get the idea right?  Please pop some suggestions in the comments won’t you?  Oh and don’t forget the “shoulda beens”!  These are perhaps obscure songs by obscure-ishy bands that nonetheless had that “something”  that should have been wider in the public eye.  Or ear I guess.  Whatever.  I’ll give you a great example:  Goodnight Moon by Shiveree.  Have a listen (and a look):

I first encountered this song on one of the Kill Bill soundtracks and it was far and away one of my favorites of both of them.  I bought the original album it came from (I Oughta Give You A Shot In the Head) n hopes more like it but it was not to be. 

Again you get the idea.  I’m pretty open to most genres except cRap and most heavy/death metal stuff.  Help a fellow out won’t you?


1. Retired Geezer - May 21, 2009

For something completely different:
I find these things very interesting:

DJ Earworm Mashup: Under the Confluence of Giants.
* Under the Influence of Giants – Mama’s Room
* Steely Dan – Do it Again
* Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
* David Bowie & the Pat Metheny Group – This is not America
* Steve Miller Band – Fly Like an Eagle
* Common – Go

2. Retired Geezer - May 21, 2009

This is one of my favorites:

Stairway to Bootleg Heaven

* Dolly Parton – Stairway to Heaven
* Eurythmics – This City Never Sleeps
* Beatles – Because
* Laurie Anderson – O Superman
* Art Of Noise – Moments in Love
* Beastie Boys – So Whatcha Want
* Pat Benetar – Love is a Battlefield

3. Lemur King - May 21, 2009

Ah, what the hell…

Boomtown Rats
Massive Attack
Vangelis (Themes)
Mark Knopfler (Ragpicker’s Dream)
Harry Chapin
Bill Blatstone (Candlelight Colors)
Kitaro (Full Moon Story)
Primus (Sailing the Seas of Cheese)
Desmond Child & Joe Walsh (The Warriors)
Blue Oyster Cult (Extraterrestrial Live)

4. Geezer on vacation in California - May 22, 2009

Oh yeah, Knopfler Ragpicker’s Dream…
I love the Hill Farmer’s Blues:

“Going into town, to fill my need.
(something something) killer for the weed.
going into town to feed the fire.
Shells for the Twelve and Razor Wire.”

5. Geezer on vacation in California - May 22, 2009

That Shiveree video reminds me of the Cardigans Erase and Rewind

Check out You’re the Storm also.

6. Dr. Dave - May 23, 2009

Since you’re not a metal head, that pretty much wipes two-thirds of the 2500 songs on MY iPod…but I have some that might work for ya:

Alabama3, Woke Up This Morning
The Babys, Midnight Rendezvous
Big Country (anything)
Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Come on Eileen
The Black Crowes (anything)
Blues Traveler (anything)
Carl Douglas, Kung Fu Fighting
Foo Fighters (anything)
John Lee Hooker (anything)
Johnny Cash (Cocaine Blues, Boy Named Sue, Busted, I Walk the Line, I’ve Been Everywhere, etc.)
The Killers (ANYTHING…great band from Vegas)
The Kinks (Get the album Low Budget)
Muse (Starlight)
Ok Go (Oh No…great album)
Mindless Self Indulgence (Two Hookers and an 8-ball…just for something different)

7. Enas Yorl - May 23, 2009

Thanks for the suggestions guys! There’s some really good stuff there. I’ll post a followup in a few days to let y’all know what I picked up.

8. Lemur King - May 23, 2009

If you only pick one thing on the list I gave you, make it Vangelis – Themes. Mark Knopfler is the other high-value-for-the-buck entry.

I am very curious to see what you select and more importantly what you think of them because some of these I’ve never heard and know nothing about.

I forgot an entry – Talking Heads – Remain in Light.

9. geoff - May 25, 2009

I go to this site and download trance stuff (esp. the 2-hour episodes of Armin van Buuren’s weekly A State of Trance show). You can build up hours of new listening very quickly.

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