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The Feline of Concern May 19, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Stoaty asks, and she receives:


Alas I don’t have any pictures of her before all this that I can find, but here she is at one of her spots she’s taken to spend a lot of her time at.  A few more below the fold.


Another one of her spots in my bedroom closet.


This is the best one I have of her looking into the camera.




1. Lemur King - May 20, 2009

Dude, Izzy is GORGEOUS. The first pic with the zebra-mouse-ball-thingy… oh what a pretty kitty!

Dammit, Izzy, you pull through… you hear me? I’ll translate…

(clears throat in prep for cattese)


Got that Izzy?

2. S. Weasel - May 20, 2009

Awwww…a torty! She’s a beauty!

Cat wisdom. If she wants to curl up in the closet, she’s probably in there thinking healing thoughts. Beyond getting some food and medicine in her against her will, I’d leave her to do cat things.

Beaming cat-healing vibes your way…

3. Enas Yorl - May 20, 2009

Thanks again y’all. It’s a crime that I don’t have more pictures of her from when she wasn’t sick. This has really taken a lot out of her.

Yah I generally just let her be when not engaged in health maintenance Weasel.

She didn’t have a real good morning today though. She threw up during the pill insertion so that’s never good. Puzzling thing though was that she had anything to throw up. Her last feeding was around 11:30 pm last night and the vet told me it takes two hours for her stomach to empty. What came up this morning didn’t look digested at all. When I cleaned out her box I noticed too that there weren’t any nuggets o’ poo. In fact I don’t think I’ve seen any for at least three days. That ain’t right is it? At least some food is going in, so there should be some stuff out the tail pipe too right? I’m going to call the vet and see what she thinks when I go home for the lunch feeding.

4. Lemur King - May 20, 2009

Uh… yeah… that falls in the category of “not good”. But as you say there is a gamut of normal kinds of bad that vets use (and I think specifically for cats).

Nothing I’ve ever heard of before.

5. S. Weasel - May 20, 2009

I nursed a cat through distemper once (and then he got run over. Feh!). He was completely limp for days, and I had this foul-smelling peanutbutter-like stuff for food I had to scrape onto the roof of his mouth and hope he had the energy to swallow. It was a sort of food concentrate. As I recall, there was almost nothing coming out the other end.

6. Lemur King - May 20, 2009

You fed your cat Soylent Green, Weas? Or… I don’t know… Soylent Brown?

7. Enas Yorl - May 20, 2009

She did pretty good with her afternoon feeding. I called the vet’s office but had to leave a message. They haven’t called back yet. I wouldn’t be surprised to get one at 9:30 tonight.

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