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OW May 18, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home.
I saw the podiatrist today and he “took care” of my ingrown toenail.  I thought I was there mostly to get my infection looked at and maybe deal with the ingrown part if warrented.  His priorities were different.
He starts off with a couple of shots deep into my toe with a LARGE doses of anesthetic (seriously the toe was abulging) and started to cut the nail out on one side.  I did not expect him to go ALL THE WAY DOWN down though and pull it out by the root.

You're gonna do what?
You’re gonna do what?

 In retrospect I should have asked him what the proceedure was beforehand.  Anyway he then starts shoving sticks that had been soaking in some solution into the hole at the bottom of the toenail.  I was grateful for the large dose of anesthetic at this point because I’m absolutely sure that would have hurt like holy hell.  Still, I had to stop watching him work the sticks.  He had a fair amount of stick-time down there.  Eventually he knocks it off with the sticks and bandages me up with a big glob of ointment.  I then get around to asking him about the infection.  You know – the real reason for this visit (for me anyway).  “Oh it’s gone.”  He seemed utterly unconcerned about it.  He gives me a sheet of post-op toe care instructions and tells me that we’ll get together again in a couple weeks.  And I’m done.

The anesthetic messes with me for the rest of the day.  It of course spreads to adjacent toes and part of the foot.  I hate being numbed.  It’s wearing off on the big toe and hurts to walk.  I guess it’s going to be this way for a while longer.  I talked with another guy at work and he had this done too some while ago.  It seems that this part of the nail is never growing back.  The proceedure destroys that part of the nail bed.  I did not know that.  I REALLY need to start asking more questions when I go to the doctor’s office for stuff.



1. Lemur King - May 18, 2009

You learn fast. Took me four epidurals to finally get to the point where today, as the doc came in, ask: “So Doc, what’s on the agenda for today?” He told me, knocked me out, and shot me full of nasty shi… uh… stuff.

Geez dude. I bet it is holy hell to walk on about now – actually, any time you put your foot down. Broke a big toe once and that was not fun, but you’re messing around with lots of nerves around that toenail. Ooog. You didn’t say how long it would be before life is a bed of roses again…

How is Kitteh? Isabelle, that is.

2. Enas Yorl - May 19, 2009

Dude I feel like a total wuss complaining about pain compared to you. It’s not all that bad actually. So far. The anesthetic is taking a long time to wear off. The real test will be tomorrow AM, but it probably won’t be a big deal. Doc told me to take aspirin or tylenol if it bothered me. I guess a week or so and I’ll be well on my way.

Kitteh is…same-ish. We did pretty good with her pill and got it down in one shot. We also got two tubes of beef feast in her for her evening feeding which is good. I just mixed up a can of chicken feast for dinner #2 in a little while.

I read your post earlier. Sounds like you didn’t have a good morning either. Feeling any better now?

3. Lemur King - May 19, 2009

You know, I just said that to a nurse today, about some other poor bastard in the staging room. She said that his pain didn’t negate mine one bit.

If the doc did his job right, I should be uncomfortable tomorrow but able to go to work. Today, not at all. This morning was actually ok, but this afternoon as the anesthetic started to wear off it was interesting. Now there’s lots of spasms going on and whenever they irritate the large knot of swelling it grabs your attention. Beyond that it’s a deep ache that is bearable. Spasms are the sneaky little bastards.

Hi Izzy! Or… “Mreeeow!” Hope I got that right. “Cat” is not my first language.

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