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House O’Yorl HealthWatch May 12, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

I took the cat back to the vet Sunday afternoon and parked her in medical boarding so they can feed/watch/evaluate her.  Not only had she stopped eating anything whatsoever voluntarily she was fighting against hand-feeding too.  I was sure she was fading fast.

Well.  It turns out that I don’t know shit about the real relative differences regarding sickness in cats.  It turns out that she’s not actually all that bad.  Sick yes, but not nearing Death’s Door as I had thought.  While visiting my cat I heard the most awful cat-noise I’ve ever heard coming from the back area.  I also overheard snips of a phone conversation that featured “kidney failure” and “cancer” from the vet on this side.  Obviously they have a MUCH wider spectrum of cat health and what contitutes the “Bad” portion than I do.  They also showed me a more direct method of hand feeding that will be a LOT more effective that the other way I was doing it.  Supposedly the results of the culture test will be back tomorrow with hopefully the specific drugs to combat this infection.

So, onto my toe.  It doesn’t hurt that much generally, but it is painful if there is direct pressure on the area.  Also, it doesn’t seem to be healing.  It started bleeding again while I was cleaning with the hydrogen peroxide  and it is still a bit swollen and red.  At this point I’m starting to get more concerned about my toe than the cat.

It really should be healing by now shouldn’t it?

Does this look infected to you?

Does this look infected to you?


1. Steamboat McGoo - May 14, 2009

Enas – that toe looks like bubonic plague! I’d suggest a healthy dose of medicinal WoW-playing and periodic doses of grain alcohol taken internally this weekend to effect a cure! 🙂

Congrats on (maybe) finding a cure for the kitty. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

2. Lemur King - May 14, 2009

Could be MRSA, Enas. Might want to get that toe chopped off. Bring it on up to Michigan and I’ll give you a discount for the service. I know, I know… you want to thank me and I understand that. I’d help anyone in your situation out, really.

Does the “direct method” of feeding kitty involve going through the posterior route? That’d be my second choice if the oral route didn’t work.

Keep us posted.

3. Enas Yorl - May 14, 2009

I spoke with the vet again yesterday McGoo. The news was not good actually. I’ll post more specifics later.

Actually the toe is getting better LK. It’s just happening a lot slower than I expected. No, there is no “posterior” route for manual feeding silly. Being more direct means grabbing and controlling the cat’s head to get her to do what she needs to do instead of trying to cajole her into it.

4. Lemur King - May 14, 2009

Crap. Not good news. Geez.

I was kind of going back to my “alternate” route for getting Silver d’Cat to take his pills after he bit down for the bazillionth time.

As in: “Think of it as an antibiotic suppository, Silver…”

5. Steamboat McGoo - May 15, 2009

Enas – shall I – being the cold-blooded asshole you all know and love – cite the dwindling options you have with regard to this kitty, and (regretfully) invite you to consider a Final Solution? Sorry – truly – to be blunt.

I’ve had to do it twice in my life, and there are still scars. But I do not regret the choice. Don’t drag it out – it will not make it any easier or less painful. Quite the opposite, in fact. But I’m sure you are aware of all this. At least talk about it with the Vet.

Meanwhile I will still cast fervent hope every whichaway that the kitty recovers somehow.

6. Enas Yorl - May 15, 2009

Yah I’ve thought about euthanasia – see my response to LK in the post above.

7. Steamboat McGoo - May 15, 2009

Oops. Missed it.

I had to do it to two pet cats at various times, Enas. Cats I’d brought up from wee baby kittens. But it had to be done. They were suffering.

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