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Enas Yorl HealthWatch ’09 May 6, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Got in to see the doctor this morning. Who is actually different from the person the HOA appointment schedular said it was, but whatever.

Ok NOW my toe hurts! I guess it was kinda serious because I have a prescription and instructions for twice daily cleansing rituals and a referral to a podiatrist in 7 days.



1. Lemur King - May 9, 2009

Come up to Michigan and for a small fee, I’ll take care of that toe. It’ll never bother you again.

$50 sound reasonable?

Cash only. Small bills. Up front.

Are they talking surgery?

2. Enas Yorl - May 9, 2009

Oh no – no talk of surgery LK. It shouldn’t go anywher near that actually. I hurt quite a bit after he poked the corner of my toe with a big honking needle and then squoze the nastyness out. Now I have to take an antibiotic, soak my foot in epsom salt solution for 10 minutes, wash and scrub at it with a q-tip dipped in hydrogen peroxide, swab it with neosporin and then wrap it up in a guaze bandage. Twice a day. I hope this gets cleared up soon. The doctor sent the pus out to a lab for culture to see exactly what kind of infection we’re dealing with. My big concern is that this is one of those evil MRSA bugs. Eeech.

3. Lemur King - May 9, 2009

Peroxide is ok, but I sure miss mercurochrome. That stuff would nuke MRSA even.

Big toe injuries are really a hassle. My roommate in college lost his big toe in a mill accident exactly seven days before I nearly lost my arm in another mill accident. He had to learn to walk again. Of course, he was playing hoops in a number of months and I had my 8 month cast still.

4. Enas Yorl - May 10, 2009

Do they not make mercurochrome anymore? I never liked it when I was a kid – it stung like hell. Then there was the other stuff Merthiolate (sp?). Very similar only it was bright orange instead of red. It stung like hell too. Mom reserved those two for really bad cuts and scrapes.

Ah yes, the Mill of Maiming and Death. Is it still around?

5. Lemur King - May 10, 2009

I remember hearing a while ago that someone got all freaky-deaky about mercurochrome and they were going to phase it out so I stopped looking. I resort to lye and cauterizing irons to deal with infection now.

Mill of Death. No it is not around. I don’t know what the story was on it but a number of years ago my dad called me and told me it burned down. I was, naturally, brokenhearted. I would’ve liked to be there to *watch* the damn thing burn but it’s kind of hard to do from Michigan when you can’t get the time off or afford the plane ticket.

6. Enas Yorl - May 10, 2009

Ah too bad about missing the burning. Still, it’s probably for the best. Your dancing around while screaming “BURN BABY BURN!!!” and laughing maniacally would’ve probably been misinterpreted by law enforecment.

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