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Kitty Update April 20, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

She did kinda “eh” over the weekend.  No worse certainly but not significantly better.  She ate little and didn’t move around a lot.  When I got home yesterday she was still pretty mopey.  I took her in to the vet’s for a recheck and see how her vitals are doing.  Her temperature is normal and her heart is slightly elevated but nothing peculiar for an animal in the vet’s office.  Prognosis remains the same:  essentially “Dunno – something weird.  Cats are like that.”  The plan now is to give her the rest of her antibiotics, keep up with the appetite stimulant, and watch how she does and call if something changes or new pops up.  I am going to proceed with my plans this weekend and I’ll put her up for medical boarding at that office while I’m gone.  That way they can keep an eye on her and do multiple temperature checks during the day to see if she’s still doing that “fever in the morning, no fever at night” thing.  Fortunately the medical boarding fee is much more affordable at $20 per night so that’s ok. 


This morning she seemed a bit better and at least vaguely interested in her food dish but I’ve thought that before so I guess we will see.

Oh, and I have to give proper kudos to kitty – she’s been a real trooper through all this and as well behaved as anyone could ever ask of any critter that had to endure this sort of stuff this last week.



1. cbullitt - April 22, 2009

Well, I hpe the Kitteh is well enough to help you celebrate Happy Venus Day. Keep us tards posted.

2. Enas Yorl - April 22, 2009

Happy Venus Day Cbullitt? Surely it’s happy Barsoom Day!

And I think Kitty may be over the hump! She was starting to act more like her old self this morning and I was really happy to see it.

3. Lipstick - April 23, 2009

Best wishes to Kitty. Keep getting better!

4. Enas Yorl - April 23, 2009

Hello Lipstick! She is well on her way to a full recovery I think. She was acting even better this morning.

5. Lemur King - April 30, 2009

Animals are so much tougher than we humans are. They put up with so much sh*t that we’d go nuts over.

Glad she’s doing well.

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