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Happy Birthday George and Abe! February 16, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

And all the rest of you presidential guys I guess.  Or does it?  I’ve never really been sure if President’s Day is reserved exclusively for Washington and Lincoln or if the whole club gets in on it.  Well, whatever.  Since I have managed to aquire one of those good gubbermint jobs I have today off to celebrate this important holiday.  Unfortunately my body seems to think that this is an excellent time to get sick and so obtained the services of  a cold virus to fill my sinuses with a thick, gooey yellowish substance.  Oh, and can I get that with a side order of headache and scratchy throat?  Thanks!

Oh, whatever will I do will I do with myself today?  If only there was some sort of immersive entertainment that I could use to distract myself from my ailments.

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