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World of Patchcraft Day 2 January 9, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in World of Warcraft.

Still downloading patches – now with extra slowness!  One of the major big-big patches refuses to run on the WoW patch downloader program.  It keeps insisting that my firewall is being an asshole and that it’s not allowing it to run.   That’s total bull though – it is expressly letting it do whatever it wants.  I read through Blizzard’s help stuff online and not much of it seems relevant to my problem.  Finally I had to go with downloading a zip version from another file hosting site called FileShack.  I’m about 2 hours into the download and still have 11% to go.  Ah crap.  I don’t think I even have winzip on this thing to unzip it with.  That will be another download I believe.  So far this hasn’t been very fun.  The pictures on the packaging look really cool.  I just wish I could actually see them in the game itself.  Oh, and both of these days count as part of my “free month” of online play.  wheee.

On the plus side I think I’ve leveled up my real life character as a human patchidin so there’s that.



1. EnasYorl - January 9, 2009

Sweet! The patch I downloaded was only 68% of what I needed! I have to re-download another, larger patch instead!!

I have unlocked the real addictive nature of this game, it’s just the PROMISE of actually playing the game! You’re always juuuust this >< close to playing the thing but you never actually get there. It’s like crack squared – you’re always almost about to get really, really high.

2. EnasYorl - January 9, 2009

I went with a different file host site – FileFront I think. It was a lot faster and didn’t require registration. It looks like it installed ok too. I’m working on the next patch and it required going back to the mirror site. It’s almost done. I hope there aren’t too many more of these.

3. EnasYorl - January 10, 2009

It’s…finally stopped downloading patches! There is now an actual “Play” button active. I’m kinda unnerved – I wa getting good at World of Patchcraft. Now my hard-earned skills and patience is obsolete!

4. Steamboat McGoo - January 10, 2009

Just in time for the weekend, too!

Play, Enas! Play like the wind!

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