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Happy New Year! January 2, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Science & Technology.

Actually I’m still Christmas shopping for mice elf. Last week I bought a new Alpine stereo for my car (on backorder alas), 75 dollars worth of tea (on a gift card) and $200 worth of new towels. Today I’m going out to shop for a new thinking machine. Here’s the one I’m interested in: the Titan.  No, I don’t know how much it costs though.  They don’t put their prices online which probably means they cost a lot.  We’ll see.

Anybody made any resolutions for the new year?  I’ve made some and I’ll post them a bit later but I’ve gotta run for now.


I got a computer!  Well, I don’t have it yet – they still have to build it.  I didn’t go with the Titan after all – it was a little too $Ka-Ching$ for my budget but I did go with the next one down – the Atomic.  Here’s the rundown:

CPU – Inetl Core 2 Duo E7300 2.53 GHz
2 gigs of RAM
500 gig hard drive
eVGA 9600GT 512MB video card
Sata DVD RW drive
And the basic keyboard, mouse and speakers, Windows Vista OS and antivirus / spyware.

My plan is to have this hooked into my big-assed HDTV and home theater sound system with wireless keyboard and mouse.  Oh man this is gonna be AWESOME!   Truly we live in amazing times.



1. Steamboat McGoo - January 3, 2009

Damn! That thing looks ‘spensive. Is it water/fluid cooled inside?

If I was as young as I think I used to be – back when Grover Cleveland was just a tyke – I would definitely be an Overclocker. I went through my Programming&Hacking phase like most techno-geeks, but my One First Love is and has always been hardware.

2. Enas Yorl - January 3, 2009

Yah, it was ‘$pensive McGoo.. Base model was $2200 and that was a bit out of the range I wanted to spend. Not water cooled but it had one huge fan on top and some other smaller ones below. They aren’t using that case anymore so it doesn’t even look like that picture. I went with the next level down – the Atomic

I’ll post the specs in an update.

3. Steamboat McGoo - January 3, 2009

Yep. That figure is about what I expected. But – given the hand-built, heavy-on-the-quality nature of the product, it’s probably worth it.

You buy nice toys, Enas. I’ll go look at the Atomic.

Like I said, if I was into it I would probably be buying micro-pumps and neophrene tubing and water-cooled heatsinks like crazy. Those overclockers are bug-assed crazy.

BTW: I literally spewed when I read your ““Rommel, you l33t asshat! I read your blog!” comment over at Stoaty’s. I started to go through all the quotes that came to my mind – rewording them in geekspeak.

A whole post could be done on that subject: just go to one of the “quotes” sites and start down the list.

4. Enas Yorl - January 3, 2009

I’m sure its worth it too, just a bit out of my pre-set price range.

Hey, maybe someday I’ll look at putting my own system together. I wouldn’t think that it would really be all that hard. I’m certain there’s all kinds of information out there about how to go about it. Heh, think of some pretty outrageous cases I could come up with. Have you ever heard of a fired sculpted ceramic computer case?

Thanks! I thought that was pretty funny too.

5. Steamboat McGoo - January 4, 2009

Back “in the good old days” I used to routinely build my own systems. I’d go out and buy motherboard, ram, HD, floppies, processor, case, video card, I/O card, CD Rom drive, etc. and plug ‘n play (before there was actually plug ‘n play). It was pretty straightforward. The advantages (then) were a small savings on overall price, a pretty kick-ass PC system as a final result, intimate knowledge of your completed system, manuals and drivers for all the components, and – most importantly – it was a great deal of fun. I always wanted to build the PC INTO a desk – no case at all. Never did, though.

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