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I Increased My Carbon Footprint December 12, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Home.
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For our final project in the ceramics class we were to make a lamp. Check it out:

Youuuuu light up my liiiiiife!

Youuuuu light up my liiiiiife!

Here’s a close up on some of the detail:

Psychedelia man!

Psychedelia man!

As always, clicky to embiggen. I’ll write up some more about the details a bit later. Lunchtime is over.

Whups!  The embiggenification function doesn’t seem to work anymore.  You’ll just have to enjoy it the way it is then.


1. Steamboat McGoo - December 12, 2008

Enas – WordPress did vulgar things to the enbiggenification function when they released/activated the newest version. Naturally, I haven’t a clue as to how to fix it.

I think it’s extremely rude of them not to check with me first, so I’ll be writing an angry and hopefully-incoherent letter to the Times any moment now.

2. Enas Yorl - December 12, 2008

Yah, well since they let me do all this stuff for free I generally feel I can’t complain too much when they change things.

But what about the lamp McGoo?

3. Steamboat McGoo - December 13, 2008

Hee! Enas, I was laying in bed last night and suddenly realized that I hadn’t commented on, um, like, the subject of your post!

That is a neat lamp. I like the coloration. The shape is quite intriguing, too.

And … it’s gracefully bulbous. That’s important.

4. Steamboat McGoo - December 13, 2008

…and I boo-booed on my bold command. Sorry, Enas. Bold should end after the word “subject”.

5. lizardbrain - December 14, 2008

Does a “genie” pop out when you rub it?

6. Enas Yorl - December 15, 2008

Ha! Alas, no.

7. geoff - December 18, 2008

Very funky. Kind of hypnotic, as well.

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