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Firefox Users Be Careful December 4, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Science & Technology.
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There’s some new malware out there that specifically targets the Firefox browser.  It seems that it collects bank site passwords, so be careful.  I never really liked firefox so I don’t use it but I thought I’d pass this on.  Not that anyone ever comes here anymore, but I wanted a place to stick that url.


1. Steamboat McGoo - December 4, 2008

I still wander by, Enas. Your posts are kinda few and far between recently. Nothin’ wrong with being busy…

I use FF but don’t allow ad-on installs unless I know what it’s for and specifically set out to install it.

No problems so far…

2. lizardbrain - December 6, 2008

Well, that link was less than illuminating.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that this malware targets vulnerabilities in Windoze computers, which like to provide the extra functionality of automatically downloading and installing malware for the user.

On a (somewhat) related note, I see that WordPress is again using the snowflake crap during December. Last year, I had to stop going to some of my favorite blogs because the snowflakes ate up cpu like nobody’s business. Maybe working better for me this year because I hadda build a new computer this summer.

Yeah, and I still drop by, too. It’s easier than thinking up new posts for my blog.

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