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HDTV = WHOOT!! October 1, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

So last weekend I went around to the usual places one goes to shop for an HDTV and I wrote down model numbers and prices and sizes and whatnot.  I quickly made the determination that the 42 inch size would be the largest that would fit in the space that I have for it and so I generally confined my perusals to models of that size.  That was until the last store where I found a Sharp brand 46 inch screen that had almost the same width dimension of the other 42 inch TV’s I was looking at and it was at a very good price not that much more than the smaller ones.  I wanted to read up on some product reviews and also to have my Dad look at what was available at the base exchange at Nellis and do some price comparisons there.

Reading some of the reviews on Cnet.com gave me some concerns about the picture quality of Sharp’s models (problems with “color banding”) and also their reliability.  If I got that one I felt that buying the extended warrenty would be mandatory.  And those generally run $200 – $300 for the stores I looked at.  Monday rolled around and Dad looked at stuff at the BX.  The prices there weren’t noticibly better than the places I looked at so I decided not to fool around with the BX.  I also re-measured the place I was going to put the TV and decided that I could fit the larger 46 inch mostly regardless of the brand/model.

Anyway Dad & I went out that afternoon to re-look at the stuff and make a final decision.  Long story short I picked up a Sony Bravia KDL 46WL135 at Costco.  It was a good price ($1500 total with tax) for the main features (1080p resolution and 120 hz refresh rate) because it was a floor model.  Another nice thing about Costco is that they offer a two year extended warranty for free.  Hahaha – I just poked around and saw that this particular model is a Costco-only model.  This is old trick so you can’t do a direct price compare with any other store.  Oh well.  I don’t care.  Dad and I got it home just fine and set up was a snap (relatively speaking).  I have it hooked up to the Xbox and a home theater sound system (also Sony).

I had it scan the cable hookup for all the channels (I have just basic extended cable, no premium channels or a box) available and it found a few I didn’t know was available.  Regular definition channels look like crap, but the HD ones look amazing.  Even better are the DVDs I play on the Xbox.  Even better than that are the Xbox games on this set.  HOLY SHIT!  THESE ARE REALLY STONKING GREAT!!  I’m gonna have to replay them all now.  But not until I finish The Force Unleashed.  I’m having too much fun murdering tons of dudes in oh, so many interesting ways.  Unfortunately, for some reason my Xbox Live access has Xbox Died.  I’m not entirely certain what the problem is, but I think it might be my old modem.  If anyone out there has any experience with Xbox Live and troubleshooting problems drop a note in the comments if you wouldn’t mind.

Later ‘Gators.



1. Steamboat McGoo - October 2, 2008

Ah-ha! My heart soars like a hawk! I’m glad you got a Sony, since that reduces any qualms about me following your advice and experience. I am an old Sony fan. Sis bought the Bravia 46 or 47 (I think) a while back and is delighted. The HD is awesome.

I’m an old tube man (except for my PC monitors, 22-inch Gatways) and have a Sony Trinitron 36-incher TV that weighs about 247 lbs. Even though the picture is still excellent it’s about time to flat-panel up to state-of-the-art. I look forward to never moving the Sony tube again – well, maybe once more – to the spare bedroom. My heirs can worry about it after that.

2. Lemur King - October 2, 2008

Wow, there’s like… geek juices all over the walls, dripping off the ceiling, and splattered on the screen. Totally geeked out guys.

Can I come over and play, Enas? I promise to leave after 2 weeks. I’m drooling with envy.

3. Enas Yorl - October 2, 2008

The Sonys are nice McGoo. The non-Costco models are better in terms of extra features and other hookups, at greater cost of course. BUT if cost isn’t a consideration I understand the Pioneer Kuos models are THE best of the best. I didn’t look at them though – they aren’t even in the $2000 price range that was the absolute max I’d even glance at.

LOL – sure LK! You’ll have to bring you’re own xbox controller though. I only have one.

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