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Steak. It’s What’s for Dinner July 24, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Science & Technology.
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Check it out – ribeye baby!  Aww yeah:

Hello delicious one!

Hello delicious one!

It’s big too – a pound and a half beautiful bovinity begging for the searing kiss of cast iron.  But, it has to wait for a bit.  The stars are not quite in alignment.  I’ll tell y’all how to prepare it to absolute perfection in a bit.


Oh my.  So good.  I’m stuffed with steakiliciousness.  I’ll tell you how to do it tomorrow.


1. Lemur King - August 4, 2008

Hey, you gonna tell us how to do that steak or not?

Me, I’d kiss it with flames for exactly 3 seconds on a side and let it rest a bit before gnawing on it, sans fork, sans knife.

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