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Ceramcs!! July 14, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Art.
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Yes! The community college is finally offering a ceramics course at night for the fall semester and I GOT THE LAST SPOT!  It’s been about two years since they last offered a night class for this course and I’ve been dying to get my hands in clay again.

I’ve already had Ceramics 1 though, so I’ll just be auditing it.  I intend to mostly focus on handbuilding stuff this time rather than throwing on the wheel, and I want to try some Steampunk designs & elements.  Ahh, my mind’s already abuzz.

This class has an instructor I’ve never had before, so I’m looking forward to learning some new stuff from her.



1. Lemur King - July 22, 2008

If you doing Steampunk, you gotta post pics. I’m a SP freak even if “those in the know” think it is passe. (I think they’re full of it – it just means they were out of touch before they got interested in it).

My mind is abuzz too! Mine might be allergy related though, way out here in the desert.

2. Enas Yorl - July 22, 2008

Desert??? You just posted pictures of Oregon and Washington! There’s no desert there LK.

The pictures go without saying, of course. The SP angle is very different from what I’ve done before, and I think it can be blended very nicely with an Art Nouvaeu-ish style to come up with stuff that will have a really striking elegance to them.

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