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This Is Going to Be Awesome June 28, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Blizzard just announced today that Diablo III is coming!  Check out Battle.net for some of the awesomeness they are working on.  Be sure to hit the gameplay video and watch it.  It’s still in development and there’s no scheduled release date yet, which means that it will probably be a while (a year if we’re lucky, two if there’s problems I’d wager).

Considering how much of a timesuck Diablo II was for me over the years I played it, I probably shouldn’t welcome this new one, but this is going to be lots of fun.  Speaking of fun, if you’ve never played Diablo II I highly recommend it.  This game sold so well it’s still on the shelf even eight years after it’s original release date.  You can play it by yourself or matched up with other people over the internet, up to eight players in one party.  If you’d like to try it out and have someone help you, let me know.  Or if you already have some characters I’d like to meet up.  We can start an Ace O’Spades Moron Diablo battle group!  Drop a note in the comments if you’re interested.


1. Lemur King - July 1, 2008

I’ll have to beg off on Diablo. I’m more of a lone-wolf Far Cry player (Crysis was great until the alien stuff) and am waiting not-so-patiently for the Far Cry 2 game to come out.

At least it will come to market sooner than Duke Nukem.

2. S. Weasel - July 12, 2008

Whoa! That looks awesome. I played one of the Diablo’s right through…might have been 2. The machine I used wasn’t quite up to it, which dampened the experience.

Whatever it is about your blog that pisses off the filter at work just got worse, by the way. Now I can’t even go for the top page without getting the big red hand.

I can’t imagine what the problem is. Nobody else on the moronosphere link list evokes Mr Hand.

3. Enas Yorl - July 12, 2008

It may not have just been your machine, if you played online. Lag time on the Blizzard servers could get just brutal sometimes.

I don’t know what it is about me and WordPress and work. All of my comments from work on every WordPress blog out there goes straight to the hard spam bucket. And now my blog conjures your work’s Mr. Hand. I’m not doing anything!! Grrr.

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