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This Is Going to Be Awesome June 28, 2008

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Blizzard just announced today that Diablo III is coming!  Check out Battle.net for some of the awesomeness they are working on.  Be sure to hit the gameplay video and watch it.  It’s still in development and there’s no scheduled release date yet, which means that it will probably be a while (a year if we’re lucky, two if there’s problems I’d wager).

Considering how much of a timesuck Diablo II was for me over the years I played it, I probably shouldn’t welcome this new one, but this is going to be lots of fun.  Speaking of fun, if you’ve never played Diablo II I highly recommend it.  This game sold so well it’s still on the shelf even eight years after it’s original release date.  You can play it by yourself or matched up with other people over the internet, up to eight players in one party.  If you’d like to try it out and have someone help you, let me know.  Or if you already have some characters I’d like to meet up.  We can start an Ace O’Spades Moron Diablo battle group!  Drop a note in the comments if you’re interested.

This Just In… June 27, 2008

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Me, Myself and My Meme June 22, 2008

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As noted in a previous post, Lemur King wants me to talk about myself.  Here are the rules: 

  1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
  3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
  5. Present an image of martial discord from whatever period or situation you’d like.

Just to make sure rule one is in full compliance:  Lemur King’s Folly

And, just to get rule five out of the way…

I crush your head!

Seven facts!  Gracious, that’s a tall order since I’m not all that interesting, and what I do have I already put in my “User’s Manual”.  Hmm.  Ok here’s something. (more…)

Counting Down… June 22, 2008

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I watched a show on the History Channel this morning about Doomsday prophesies of the year 2012.  According to the Mayan calendar the End of Times is December 12th 2012.  There were others too that point to this same time period where there will be great geological and / or political upheaval.  Among those noted:  the I Ching, Hopi Indian prophecy, web-bots, Merlin, and of course, The Book of Revelation. Although I thought they kinda shoe-horned that one in since it’s rather vague about a specific date when it hits the fan.  Conspicuously absent was Nostradamus in the lineup.  I was surprised.  Perhaps he had a different date that would mess up their 2012 theme. 

That kinda sucks that they predict World’s End during the Christmas holiday week.  I’m always on vacation that week.  Anyway, we all have only 1,642.97 days to get our shit in order.  I’m marking my calendar.  How about you?

I Have Been Tagged! June 19, 2008

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Lemur King tags me with his meme.  I’m near the end of a book, so no blogging right now, but I acknowledge his tag and will fulfill soon.

Furniture Shopping Today June 14, 2008

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I don’t need any furniture, but by golly I’m going look at some a big ol’ buttload of it.  The World Market Center is open to the public for this weekend, and the Parental Units and I are going to wander around in it for a couple hours.  Check out the Wikipedia on the World Market Center.  That place is HUUUGE and it’s getting even bigger next month when they open the third building.  Rod Stewart will play the opening it seems.

Usually the place is only open to furniture dealers but twice a year they have a big clearance sale and they charge you 10 bucks a head just for the priveledge of walking through the doors.  Like I said, I really don’t need any furniture, but hey, who knows?  I might find a bargain I just can’t refuse.


Shopping was limited to the first and second floors of buildings A & B.  Not all the displayers participated in the sale, but It was still HUGE.  We spent the better part of three hours there going through it all.  There were some deep discounts on the floor samples around (40 – 50%) but the vast majority wasn’t in a style that really appealed to me.  The stuff that did was still to expensive for me.  I didn’t really need any furniture anyway.  But…I don’t like my coffee and end table anymore, so I had my eye out for possible replacements.  I didn’t see anything that interested me though.

I did find something else that really interested me in one of the first showrooms we entered: a leather turtle tortiose ottoman.  It’s really, really cool but I can’t get the image to load for some reason tonight.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  Anyway, the price for it is $500+.  I have no place for it.  I don’t need it.  The cat would just scratch it up anyway.  My parents bought a really nice jewellry box there and my Dad found out that they were willing to bargain – $475 to $310 on the box.

I don’t need no damn leather tortise ottoman.


Happy Friday the 13th! June 13, 2008

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I am not dead.  Nor pining for the fjords.  Gotta run for now, but I will put something up a little later.