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Computers Are Expensive May 25, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

I’m in the process of buying a new computer.  Because of the weekend / holiday I won’t be able to get it have it up and running until sometime Wednesday.  It’s $1400, which wouldn’t be too bad if I could actually use it to play games, or surf the internet with it and whatnot.  But this one doesn’t do any of that stuff.  It will just tell my car when to shift gears.  That’s all it does.  This cuts rather severely into my toy budget, and it’s not a very fun toy at all.

In other news, I’m in the process of watching some watercolor instruction videos I bought and they are quite the eye-openers.  They are really showing me a lot of the things I’ve been doing wrong and why I’ve been unhappy with a lot of the stuff I’ve done so far.  With the new techniques I’m learning I should be able to start putting out some really nice stuff a lot faster than I used to.  Hopefully.  Stay tuned!



1. Lemur King - May 25, 2008

What kind of car is it, so I can not buy it? (mfr is adequate)

Sorry to hear that dude. It’s one reason why I hate technology. Used to be you could lift the hood and fit most of yourself in next to the engine while you worked on your car or truck. Now you can’t hardly recognize what’s what.

2. Enas Yorl - May 26, 2008

My car is a Toyota Rav4. It’s just over 90,000 miles now and this is the first real problem I’ve had with it. All said and done, it’s still the best car I’ve ever owned. The car I had before this one was an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and it completely fell apart around 90k. I sunk more than 2 grand into that pile of junk to try and keep it running before I threw in the towel.

3. eddiebear - May 28, 2008

^My dad had an Olds Cutlass 88 that lasted forever. Yeah, the body rusted to sh&t, but the engine was a beast.

Too bad his Cadillac had a Cadillac Engine and not an Olds engine.

4. Enas Yorl - May 28, 2008

The late 80’s Olds Cutlass was nothing like the late 90’s Cutlass that I had. Oldsmobile became complete crap in 90’s and now they no longer make them.

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